How to change the Bootstrap admin panel logo & the main title?

The Bootstrap Admin Panel logo and main title can be set in the user configuration file.

To change the Bootstrap Admin Panel main title / logo:

  1. Open generator/generator.php in your browser
  2. Click the General Settings button

    PHP CRUD General Settings button
  3. Choose your Website name & logo then validate changes.

    PHP CRUD General Settings form

Method 2:

  1. Upload your image file in the php-crud-generator/admin/assets/images folder.
    Your image must be 200px width & 100px height maximum.
  2. Open conf/user-conf.json
  3. Replace PHP CRUD GENERATOR with your website name in the following line: "sitename": "PHP CRUD GENERATOR"
  4. Replace logo-height-100.png with your image filename in the following line: "admin_logo": "logo-height-100.png"
    (enter only the image filename, without path).

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