PHP CRUD Generator - Documentation

PHPCG is a CRUD Generator developed in pure PHP for building your complete Bootstrap administration panel using a visual UI.

PHPCG is suitable for both non-programmers and advanced PHP programmers, who will have access to clean and well-organized code so they can take advantage of all its potential.

PHPCG is able to analyze your database and extract tables, fields, and any type of relationship intelligently.

The CRUD engine is based on PHP PDO and has full support for the following Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS):

  • MySQL

  • MariaDB

  • Oracle

  • Firebird

  • PostgreSQL


You can then use the analyzed db data to generate your user administration panel:

  • Paginated lists (CRUD READ)
    • record filtering, including with internal/external relational tables
    • sorting
    • advanced on-site editing (text, select, Boolean, date and time,...)
    • nested tables
    • external data tables (external relations)
    • export to Excel/CSV/PDF/PRINT formats
  • Create & Update forms (CRUD CREATE/UPDATE)
    • forms built with PHP Form Builder, known for its robustness and reliability
    • All types of fields
    • Automatic integration of the best jQuery plugins to improve the user experience (custom select & radio, rich text editor, file uploader, pickers, ...)
    • dropdown lists with intelligent and customizable content
    • upload files/images with crop/resize and customizable thumbnail generation
    • automatic validation according to the type of customizable data
    • efficient and straightforward layout - Ability to group fields into 2 and 3 columns
  • Delete forms (CRUD DELETE)
    • Cascading Deleting Dependent Records
    • Display the number of dependent records that will be deleted

Quick tips

Here's a short presentation video that shows how PHP CRUD Generator works from A to Z.

To create your relational database we recommend you to take a look at:


Server requirements

  • PHP 7.4+ with PDO driver, mb_string and curl extensions enabled.
    The PHP curl extension must be authorized to send requests to the licensing server.
  • Apache server with Rewrite module enabled
    NGINX | Microsoft IIS server with rewriting rules added in your configuration file
  • A MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, Firebird or PostgreSQL database
  • The PHP and the database charsets must be set to "utf8" or variations of utf8 (utf8_general_ci, utf8mb4, ...)

Database structure

Naming of tables and fields

Your tables and fields must respect these standards:

  • Table and field names must contain only the following characters:
    • Lowercase / uppercase characters
    • Underscores
    • Numbers
  • A table name or a field name must not begin with a number.
  • The field types must be correctly set with the data types they contain.

Please visit the Database requirements and good practices page for more details.

Package Structure


Required on your production server

Quick Start

About Local & Production workflow

The "generator" folder is only required to build & edit your Bootstrap admin panel.

  • If you use a local server + a remote server ("production server"):
    You can either:
    • use the local generator to create your admin panel, then upload the "admin" and "conf" folders to your remote server.
    • create the admin panel directly from your production server.
    The 2nd way is the recommended method.
  • If you do not use a local server:
    Upload all the required folders and build your CRUD admin dashboard straight from the remote generator.

Please visit the tutorial about local/remote servers for more information.

Installation process Open the Tutorial

  1. 1

    Upload the required* folders on your server as described in the "package structure" section.

    If you install PHP CRUD Generator inside a subfolder

    (in other words, if the admin, class, conf, generator, ... folders are not at the root of your project),
    you must edit admin/.htaccess to avoid 404 errors:

    1. open /admin/.htaccess in your code editor
    2. add your subfolder to the RewriteRule.
      For instance: RewriteRule . /your-folder/admin/index.php [QSA,L]
  2. 2Open the installer - install/index.php - in your browser.
    If you use a local server + a remote server, you must run the installer on both.
    More information available in the Installation/Registration section

    You'll have to enter your database connection settings for localhost or production server + essential general information.
  3. 3 All is now ready to generate your admin panel using the CRUD Generator.
    Open the generator - generator/generator.php - in your browser.


If you use a local server + a remote server, you must run the installer on both.

What does the installer do?

The installer:

  • Tests your server compatibility (PHP Version, available modules, white rights, ...)
  • Tests & register your database connection credentials
  • Checks & registers your license
  • Creates a MySQL table with your license settings

If you encounter any error

As with any PHP program, you may encounter problems during installation or initial startup.
This does not mean that the program is broken, but rather that you need to configure your server properly to use it.

If it should happen:

  1. First of all, check that your server meets the requirements (PHP version, rewriting enabled, ...)
  2. All the common errors and fixes are explained in the Help Center.

If you still need help please read these recommentations then contact us.

If you are looking for solutions to specific questions:

The tutorials page offers many step-by-step guides, written or in video, which answer the most common situations, for example:


CORE configuration

Don't change anything here unless you know what you're doing.

USER configuration (General Settings)

This file contains some global settings that can be customized

To change these settings, open the Generator in your browser and click the Configuration tab.


Website name
The name of your project displayed in the header of the admin dashboard.
Admin logo
Your project logo displayed in the header of the admin dashboard.


Lock the Generator
Allows to lock/unlock the generator access.
If the generator is locked, access is protected by an identification page. You will need to enter your email & your purchase code to access it.


Display the database errors
Choose "Yes" to display the details when a database query encounters an error.
Simulate and debug
If enabled, all the insert/update/delete queries will be simulated (NOT executed), and the details of all the database queries will be displayed on screen.

PHP Errors Monitoring

Enable PHP ERRORS monitoring
choose "Yes" to enable PHP errors monitoring and receive an email each time an error occurs in the admin panel.
The email address (s) to which you want the errors to be posted.


Bootstrap theme
Select one of the many themes available in the dropdown list.
Navbar style
Style of the admin dashboard's top navigation menu.
Sidebar style
Style of the admin dashboard's sidebar.
CSS class of the filtered columns
In the admin dashboard, the filtered columns are marked with a specific style of your choice. Here you can enter a Bootstrap CSS class and adjust the opacity. For example: bg-danger bg-opacity-10
Date & Time pickers style
Style of the date and time pickers ("Default" or "Material Design").
Default Buttons class
Bootstrap CSS class for the admin panel secondary buttons. For example: text-bg-light
Default Table headings background
Bootstrap CSS class for the admin panel table headings. For example: text-bg-dark

User Interface (UI)

Admin ACTION buttons position
Choose whether you want to display the record editing buttons (view/edit/delete) on the left or right in the admin READ lists.
Enable the ability to change styles from the admin dashboard
If enabled, each user can choose their theme and navigation bar colours. Their preferences are stored in the browser and do not affect the other users.
Enable filters
When a user of the admin panel sets a filter, the filter can be applied immediately, or after a click on the "filter" button, as you wish.
Collapse inactive sidebar categories
Choose whether you want the admin sidebar to behave like an accordion menu or whether several categories can remain unfolded at the same time.
Display of data tables
Choose whether you want to display the table data in the visible part of the page with an internal scroll bar, or in a table of unlimited height using the browser scroll bar.
Show search results
Show the search results all on the same page, or using paginated results.
Password constraint for new users accounts
Choose the minimum security level for admin user passwords.

Language settings

The main language of the admin dashboard.
Date/Time translation for Admin lists
Sets the PHP Locale::setDefault to auto-translate PHP dates
Your time zone
Date & Time pickers language
The available languages are located in class/phpformbuilder/plugins/pickadate/lib/compressed/translations/
Live (JavaScript) form validation language
The available languages are located in class/phpformbuilder/plugins/formvalidation/js/locales
Server-side (PHP) form validation language
Refer to PHP Form Builder's documentation here:

CRUD Generator

Protect access to the Generator with a login page

To protect access to the generator:

  1. Open the Generator - generator/generator.php - in your browser
  2. Open the Configuration tab
  3. Set Lock the Generator to Yes
  4. Done - when you open generator/generator.php in your browser. You'll be redirected to the login page.
    Enter your registration email & your purchase code to log in.

Read Lists

From this tab you can set everything you need to generate the Read list of the selected table.
For more information please see this tutorial, which shows step by step how to create the Read Lists of your admin dashboard.

PHP CRUD Generator Read Lists

Lists filters

Add Filter

Click the "Add Filter" button in the Read Lists generator form to add a new filter.

It will add a new filter to your list.

PHPCG offers you two types of filters:

Simple filters

You just have to choose the field to filter in the dropdown list.

Advanced filters

Advanced filters are useful:

  • if you want to display two or more values in the admin dropdown list.
    for example, the first and last names are displayed, and the filtered value is the ID.
  • if you want to filter values from external relationships.

To use advanced filters, it is necessary to enter query parameters with joins.

A help button is available to help you build your query, as well as a preview button that allows you to view the generated dropdown list and check its validity.

You'll find here a tutorial which shows how to deal with filters.

To build your requests, we recommend the excellent software FlySpeed SQL Query.

Create/Update Forms

Always build the list view first, and then the forms.

PHPCG Create/Update Forms

Detailed explanations are available in the create/update forms tutorial.

Delete Forms

Always build the list view first, and then the forms.

PHPCG Delete Forms

Detailed explanations are available in the Delete forms tutorial.

Bootstrap Admin Panel

Admin Panel Theme & colors

You can choose the Bootstrap theme and navigation bar colors from the Configuration tab of the CRUD Generator.

Each user of the admin dashboard can then choose individually, from the admin and according to his preferences, his preferred theme and colors, which will only be applied in his own browser (stored as cookies).

Bootstrap themes & CSS

If you are a developer and use Gulp + SASS, the source files are available, ready to use and well organised:

SASS users: all SASS sources are available

Gulp users: Download PHP CRUD Generator Gulp on Github to edit and compile your SCSS source files

Please refer to this tutorial about the Admin Dashboard customization.

Access, protection and login

As long as you have not installed and activated the authentication module (login), the admin panel access is public.

To enter the admin panel, open /admin/home

If you encounter a 404 error, you'll find the cause and solution in the Help center.

If you try to log in at /admin/login it'll logically fail because the authentication module is not yet installed.

The authentication module must be installed at the end of the process, when you have built all your READ lists & forms with the generator.

Admin User Authentication Module

Installing the Admin User Authentication Module

The User Authentication Module installer allows you to configure the rights access to the admin elements.
It should therefore be installed last after having created all the elements of the CRUD.

Open the generator in your browser, then click the "Authentication Module" tab.

The installer will create the users and the users_profiles tables

You will also have to enter the main administrator information.

The main administrator can then manage users and profiles in the admin panel.

phpcg authentication module installer

Reinstall/Update the Admin User Authentication Module

If you add some tables to your admin panel after having installed the User Authentication Module, you'll have to update the users_profiles table.

For that purpose, you have two possibilities:

1 - reinstall with the automatic installer

  • Disable the module from the generator
    Disable the module from the generator
  • Uninstall the module from the generator
    Uninstall the module from the generator
  • Delete admin/secure/install/install.lock from your server
  • Delete the "users" table and the "users_profiles" table from your database.
  • Relaunch the installer and follow the process

2 - Update with a simple SQL query

When you install/reinstall the authentication module, the users_profiles table used by PHP CRUD Generator to manage user rights is modified. For each table of your database used in the admin panel, four fields are created:

  • read_table
  • update_table
  • create_delete_table
  • constraint_query_table

Instead of using the automatic installer, you can add the four fields with a simple MySQL query.
The result will be exactly the same as using the installer.

Copy / paste the query below into your database management interface (ie: phpmyadmin) to add the four fields to the users_profiles table.

Replace users_profiles with your users_profiles table name, which may have a prefix.

Replace _table with the name of the table that you want to add to the authentication module.

ALTER TABLE `users_profiles`
    ADD `r_table` BOOLEAN NOT NULL DEFAULT TRUE AFTER `profile_name`,
    ADD `cq_table` VARCHAR(255) NULL DEFAULT '' AFTER `cd_table`;


Please visit following page to view the detailed application logic and the admin folder structure.

Main navigation

The navbar is organized into categories and elements.

Each element represents a table in the database and gives access to the page of the MySQL data table (READ List).

Users can create, edit, delete categories, organize them by drag-and-drop, and organize elements in the same way.

The interface also allows you to choose an icon for each element.

Access to the navbar management interface is via the CRUD Generator, button "Organize Navbar".

Organize the Bootstrap Dashboard Navbar

The information is recorded in a simple JSON file: php-crud-generator/admin/crud-data/nav-data.json

This file can be edited manually. It is not necessary to go through the interface.

Everything is explained in details here in the admin navbar tutorial.

Bootstrap Dashboard Code samples

The coders will probably appreciate having a preview of the codes of the admin panel files generated by PHPCG

Here are some code samples:

Table READ List - PHP Object

This is the main PHP Class that gets the records from the database and builds all the values


namespace crud;

use common\Utils;
use phpformbuilder\database\DB;
use phpformbuilder\database\Pagination;
use secure\Secure;

class Actor extends Elements

    // item name passed in url
    public $item;

    // item name displayed
    public $item_label;

    // associative array : field => field displayed name
    public $fields;

    // external relations
    public $external_tables_count = 1;
    public $external_fields_count;
    public $external_rows_count;
    public $external_tables_labels = array('Film');
    public $external_add_btn = array();
    public $external_fields = array();

    // primary key passed to create|edit|delete
    public $primary_keys; // primary keys fieldnames

    // CREATE rights
    public $can_create = false;

    public $pks = array(); // primary key values for each row
    public $pk_concat_values = array(); // concatenated values of primary key(s) for each row
    public $pk_url_params = array(); // primary key(s) sent to the edit/delete forms URL for each row
    public $update_record_authorized = array();
    public $actor_id = array();
    public $first_name = array();
    public $last_name = array();
    public $last_update = array();

    public $active_filtered_fields = array();
    public $debug_content = '';
    public $export_data_button;
    public $filters_form;
    public $is_single_view = false;
    public $item_url;
    public $join_query = '';
    public $main_pdo_settings = array();
    public $pagination_html;

    // Array of primary fieldnames => values to select a single record for view
    public $params;

    public $records_count;
    public $select_number_per_page;
    public $sorting;

    public function __construct($element, $params = array())
        $this->table         = $element->table;
        $this->item          = $element->item;
        $this->item_label    = $element->item_label;
        $this->primary_keys  = $element->primary_keys;
        $this->select_data   = $element->select_data;
        $this->fields        = $element->fields;

        $table = $this->table;

        $this->params = $params;

        if (!empty($params)) {
            $this->is_single_view = true;

        $json = file_get_contents(ADMIN_DIR . 'crud-data/' . $this->item . '-filter-data.json');
        $filters_array = json_decode($json, true);
        $this->item_url = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];

        // connect to the database
        $db = new Pagination(DEBUG);

        $columns = 'actor.actor_id, actor.first_name, actor.last_name, actor.last_update';
        $where = array();

        // restricted rights query
        if (Secure::canReadRestricted($table)) {
            $where = array_merge($where, Secure::getRestrictionQuery($table));

        if (!isset($_SESSION['npp'])) {
            $_SESSION['npp'] = 20;

        // filters
        $filters = new ElementsFilters($table, $filters_array, $this->join_query);
        $this->active_filtered_fields = $filters->getActiveFilteredFields();
        $where_filters = $filters->getWhere();
        $where = array_merge($where, $where_filters);

        // search
        $where_search = array();
        if (isset($_POST['search_field']) && isset($_POST['search_string'])) {
            $searchVals = explode(' + ', $_POST['search_string']);
            $search_string = $searchVals[0];
            $_SESSION['rp_search_field'][$table] = $_POST['search_field'];
            $_SESSION['rp_search_string'][$table] = $search_string;
            if (sizeof($searchVals) > 1) {
                $_SESSION['rp_search_string_2'][$table] = $searchVals[1];
            } else {

        if (isset($_SESSION['rp_search_string'][$table]) && !empty($_SESSION['rp_search_string'][$table])) {
            $sf = $_SESSION['rp_search_field'][$table];
            $search_field = $table . '.' . $sf;
            $search_field2 = '';
            $search_string_sqlvalue = $db->safe('%' . $_SESSION['rp_search_string'][$table] . '%');
            if (isset($_SESSION['rp_search_string_2'][$table])) {
                $search_string_2_sqlvalue = $db->safe('%' . $_SESSION['rp_search_string_2'][$table] . '%');
            if (file_exists(ADMIN_DIR . 'crud-data/' . $this->item . '-select-data.json')) {
                $json = file_get_contents(ADMIN_DIR . 'crud-data/' . $this->item . '-select-data.json');
                $selects_array = json_decode($json, true);
                if (isset($selects_array[$sf]) && $selects_array[$sf]['from'] == 'from_table') {
                    $search_field = $selects_array[$sf]['from_table'] . '.' . $selects_array[$sf]['from_field_1'];
                    if (!empty($selects_array[$sf]['from_field_2'])) {
                        $search_field2 = $selects_array[$sf]['from_table'] . '.' . $selects_array[$sf]['from_field_2'];
            $where_search[] = 'LOWER(' . $search_field . ') LIKE LOWER(' . $search_string_sqlvalue . ')';
            if (!empty($search_field2) && isset($search_string_2_sqlvalue) && ($search_string_2_sqlvalue != "'%%'")) {
                $where_search[] = 'LOWER(' . $search_field2 . ') LIKE LOWER(' . $search_string_2_sqlvalue . ')';
            $where = array_merge($where, $where_search);

        $this->filters_form = $filters->returnForm($this->item_url);

        // Get join queries from active filters
        $active_filters_join_queries = $filters->buildElementJoinQuery();

        if (isset($_POST['search_field'])) {
            $pagination_url = str_replace(ADMIN_URL . 'search/', ADMIN_URL, $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);
        } else {
            $pagination_url = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];
        if (isset($_POST['npp']) && is_numeric($_POST['npp'])) {
            $_SESSION['npp'] = $_POST['npp'];
        if ($this->is_single_view) {
            // if single record view
            $active_filters_join_queries = $filters->buildElementJoinQuery();
            $pagination_url = '';
            // replace 'fieldname' with 'table.fieldname' to avoid ambigous query
            $where_params = array_combine(
                array_map(function ($k) {
                    return $this->table . '.' . $k;
                }, array_keys($this->params)),
            $where = array_merge($where, $where_params);

        // order query
        $this->sorting = ElementsUtilities::getSorting($table, 'last_name', 'ASC');

        $npp = $_SESSION['npp'];
        if (!empty($where_search) && PAGINE_SEARCH_RESULTS === false) {
            $npp = 1000000;

        if (empty($where)) {
            $where = null;

        // $this->main_pdo_settings are the PDO settings without the pagination LIMIT.
        $this->main_pdo_settings = array(
            'function' => 'select',
            'from'    => 'actor' . $active_filters_join_queries,
            'values'   => $columns,
            'where'    => $where,
            'extras'   => array('order_by' => $this->sorting),
            'debug'    => DEBUG_DB_QUERIES

        $this->pagination_html = $db->pagine($this->main_pdo_settings, $npp, 'p', $pagination_url, 5, true, '/', '');

        if (DEBUG_DB_QUERIES) {
            $this->debug_content .= '<p class="debug-title text-bg-info">"' . $this->table . '" queries</p>' . $db->getDebugContent();

        $update_authorized = false;
        if (Secure::canUpdate($this->table)) {
            // user can update ALL the records
            $update_authorized = true;

        $this->records_count = $db->rowCount();
        if (!empty($this->records_count)) {
            while ($row = $db->fetch()) {
                $primary_keys_array = array(
                    'actor_id' => $row->actor_id
                $this->pks[] = $primary_keys_array;
                $pk_concatenated_values = $row->actor_id;
                $this->pk_concat_values[] = $pk_concatenated_values;
                $this->update_record_authorized[$pk_concatenated_values] = $update_authorized;
                $this->pk_url_params[] = http_build_query($primary_keys_array, '', '/');
                $this->actor_id[] = $row->actor_id;
                $this->first_name[] = $row->first_name;
                $this->last_name[] = $row->last_name;
                $this->last_update[] = $row->last_update;

        // Autocomplete doesn't need the followings settings
        if (!isset($_POST['is_autocomplete'])) {
            if (!$this->is_single_view) {
                // CREATE/DELETE rights
                if (Secure::canCreate($table) || Secure::canCreateRestricted($table)) {
                    $this->can_create = true;

                // restricted UPDATE rights
                if (Secure::canUpdateRestricted($table)) {
                    $where = array_merge(

                    $pdo_settings = array(
                        'function' => 'select',
                        'from'    => 'actor' . $active_filters_join_queries,
                        'values'   => $columns,
                        'where'    => $where,
                        'extras'   => array('order_by' => $this->sorting),
                        'debug'    => DEBUG_DB_QUERIES

                    // get authorized update primary keys
                    $db->pagine($pdo_settings, $npp, 'p', $pagination_url, 5, true, '/', '');
                    if (DEBUG_DB_QUERIES) {
                        $this->debug_content .= '<p class="debug-title text-bg-info">"' . $this->table . '" - get authorized update primary keys</p>' . $db->getDebugContent();
                    $records_count = $db->rowCount();
                    if (!empty($records_count)) {
                        while ($row = $db->fetch()) {
                            $this->update_record_authorized[$row->actor_id] = true;

            /* external relations */

            for ($i = 0; $i < count($this->pks); $i++) {
                $this->external_rows_count[$i] = array();
                $this->external_fields[$i] = array();
                $this->external_add_btn[$i] = array();

                // actor => film_actor => film
                $from = 'actor INNER JOIN film_actor ON film_actor.actor_id=actor.actor_id INNER JOIN film ON film_actor.film_id=film.film_id';
                $values = 'film_actor.actor_id AS film_actor_actor_id, film_actor.film_id AS film_actor_film_id, film.title, film.release_year, film.film_id AS target_table_pk_0';
                $where = array();
                foreach ($this->pks[$i] as $key => $value) {
                    $where[] = 'actor.' . $key . ' = ' . $value;
                $db->select($from, $values, $where, array('order_by' => $this->sorting), DEBUG_DB_QUERIES);
                if (DEBUG_DB_QUERIES) {
                    if ($i === 0) {
                        $this->debug_content .= '<p class="debug-title text-bg-info">"film" queries <small>(External relation)</small></p>' . $db->getDebugContent();
                    } else {
                        $this->debug_content .= $db->getDebugContent();
                $records_count = $db->rowCount();
                $this->external_rows_count[$i][] = $records_count;
                $ext_fields = array(
                    'table' => 'film',
                    'table_label' => 'Film',
                    'uniqid' => 'f-' . uniqid(),
                    'fields' => array(
                        'title' => array(),
                        'release_year' => array()
                    'fieldnames' => array(
                        'title' => 'title',
                        'release_year' => 'release_year'

                // get user custom fieldnames
                $ext_fieldnames = ElementsUtilities::getFieldNames($ext_fields['table']);
                if ($ext_fieldnames !== false) {
                    foreach ($ext_fields['fieldnames'] as $key => $value) {
                        if (isset($ext_fieldnames[$key])) {
                            $ext_fields['fieldnames'][$key] = $ext_fieldnames[$key];

                if (!$this->is_single_view) {
                    // add button
                    $add_btn = '';
                    if (Secure::canCreate('film_actor')) {
                        if (!empty($records_count)) {
                            // add button for nested table
                            $add_btn = '<div class="d-flex flex-row-reverse mb-2">';
                            $add_btn .= ' <a href="' . ADMIN_URL . 'filmactor/create?actor_id=' . $this->pks[$i]['actor_id'] . '" class="btn btn-xs btn-primary" data-bs-title="Add new" data-bs-toggle="tooltip"><span class="fas fa-plus-circle prepend"></span>Add new Film</a>';
                            $add_btn .= '</div>';
                        } else {
                            // add button for empty cell
                            $add_btn = '<div class="d-flex justify-content-center">';
                            $add_btn .= ' <a href="' . ADMIN_URL . 'filmactor/create?actor_id=' . $this->pks[$i]['actor_id'] . '" class="btn btn-xs btn-outline-secondary" data-bs-title="Add new" data-bs-toggle="tooltip"><span class="fas fa-plus-circle prepend"></span>Add new</a>';
                            $add_btn .= '</div>';
                    $this->external_add_btn[$i][] = $add_btn;

                if (!empty($records_count)) {
                    while ($row = $db->fetch()) {
                        $json = false;
                        if (!is_null($row->title)) {
                            $test_if_json = json_decode($row->title);
                            if (json_last_error() == JSON_ERROR_NONE && is_array($test_if_json)) {
                                $json = $test_if_json;
                        if ($json) {
                            $ext_fields['fields']['title'][] = implode(', ', $json);
                        } else {
                            $ext_fields['fields']['title'][] = $row->title;
                        $json = false;
                        if (!is_null($row->release_year)) {
                            $test_if_json = json_decode($row->release_year);
                            if (json_last_error() == JSON_ERROR_NONE && is_array($test_if_json)) {
                                $json = $test_if_json;
                        if ($json) {
                            $ext_fields['fields']['release_year'][] = implode(', ', $json);
                        } else {
                            $ext_fields['fields']['release_year'][] = $row->release_year;
                        if (!$this->is_single_view) {
                            // edit/delete buttons
                            if (Secure::canUpdate('film_actor') || Secure::canCreate('film_actor')) {
                                $action_btns = '<div class="btn-group">';
                                $relation_table_pk_columns = array(
                                    'actor_id' => $row->film_actor_actor_id,
                                    'film_id' => $row->film_actor_film_id
                                $url_params = http_build_query($relation_table_pk_columns, '', '/');
                                if (Secure::canUpdate('film_actor')) {
                                    $action_btns .= '<a href="' . ADMIN_URL . 'filmactor/edit/' . $url_params . '" class="btn btn-xs btn-warning" data-bs-title="' . addslashes(EDIT) . '" rel="noindex" data-bs-toggle="tooltip"><span class="fas fa-pencil-alt"></span></a>';
                                if (Secure::canCreate('film_actor')) {
                                    $action_btns .= '<a href="' . ADMIN_URL . 'filmactor/delete/' . $url_params . '" class="btn btn-xs btn-danger" data-bs-title="' . addslashes(DELETE_CONST) . '" rel="noindex" data-bs-toggle="tooltip"><span class="fas fa-times-circle"></span></a>';
                                $action_btns .= '</div>';
                                $ext_fields['fieldnames']['action'] = ACTION_CONST;
                                $ext_fields['fields']['action'][] = $action_btns;
                            } // end if
                        } // end if !$this->is_single_view
                    } // end while
                } // end if
                $this->external_fields[$i][] = $ext_fields;
            } // end for
            $this->external_fields_count = count($this->external_fields);
        } // end if

        if (!$this->is_single_view) {
            // Export data button
            $this->export_data_button = ElementsUtilities::exportDataButtons($table, $this->main_pdo_settings);

            // number/page
            $numbers_array = array(5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 10000);
            $this->select_number_per_page = ElementsUtilities::selectNumberPerPage($numbers_array, $_SESSION['npp'], $this->item_url);


Table READ List - TWIG Template

Once the PHP Object has been built, the view is built with the help of a clean TWIG template:

    <div class="card {{ constant('DEFAULT_CARD_CLASS') }} me-4">
            <div class="card-header d-lg-flex flex-wrap justify-content-between {{ constant('DEFAULT_CARD_HEADING_CLASS') }}">
                {% if object.records_count > 0 %}

                <div class="d-flex ms-auto order-lg-2">
                    {{ object.select_number_per_page|raw }}

                <hr class="w-100 d-lg-none">

                {% endif %}
                <div class="d-flex order-lg-0 mb-3 mb-sm-0">
                    {% if object.can_create == true %}
                    <a href="{{ constant('ADMIN_URL') }}{{ object.item }}/create" class="btn btn-sm me-1 btn-primary d-flex align-items-center legitRipple"><i class="{{ constant('ICON_PLUS') }} position-left"></i>{{ constant('ADD_NEW') }}</a>
                    {% endif %}
                    {% if object.records_count > 0 %}
                    {{ object.export_data_button|raw }}
                    {% endif %}

                <div class="order-lg-1 mx-lg-auto">
                    <form name="rp-search-form" id="rp-search-form" action="" class="form-inline justify-content-center">
                        <div class="form-group">
                            <div class="input-group">
                                <div id="rp-search-field" class="dropdown input-group-prepend">
                                    <a class="dropdown-toggle pl-4 pr-3 rounded-left border-left border-top border-bottom" id="search-dropdown-link" data-bs-toggle="dropdown" aria-haspopup="true"
                                    <div class="dropdown-menu" aria-labelledby="search-dropdown-link">
                                        {% for field_name, field_display_name in object.fields %}
                                        {% set active = '' %}
                                        {% if field_name == attribute(session.rp_search_field, object.table) %}
                                        {% set active = ' active' %}
                                        {% endif %}
                                        <a class="dropdown-item{{ active }}" href="#" data-value="{{ field_name }}">{{ field_display_name }}</a>
                                        {% endfor %}
                                {% set search_value = '' %}
                                {% if attribute(session.rp_search_string, object.table) is defined %}
                                {% set search_value = attribute(session.rp_search_string, object.table) %}
                                {% endif %}
                                <input id="rp-search" name="rp-search" type="text" value="{{ search_value }}" placeholder="{{ constant('SEARCH') }}" class="form-control flex-grow-1">
                                <div class="input-group-append">
                                    <button id="rp-search-submit" class="btn btn-secondary ladda-button" data-style="zoom-in" type="submit"><span class="ladda-label"><i class="{{ constant('ICON_SEARCH') }}"></i></span></button>


            {# Partial block list - rendered alone on the research results #}
            {% block object_list %}

            <div id="{{ object.item }}-list">

            {% if object.records_count > 0 %}

                <div class="table-responsive">
                    <table class="table table-striped table-condensed table-data">
                            <tr class="{{ constant('DEFAULT_TABLE_HEADING_BACKGROUND') }}">
                                {% if constant('ADMIN_ACTION_BUTTONS_POSITION') == 'left' %}
                                <th>{{ constant('ACTION_CONST') }}</th>
                                {% endif %}

                                <th class="sorting">{{ object.fields.actor_id }}<a href="#" class="sorting-up" data-field="actor_id" data-direction="ASC"><i class="{{ constant('ICON_ARROW_UP') }}"></i></a><a href="#" class="sorting-down" data-field="actor_id" data-direction="DESC"><i class="{{ constant('ICON_ARROW_DOWN') }}"></i></a></th>
                                <th class="sorting">{{ object.fields.first_name }}<a href="#" class="sorting-up" data-field="first_name" data-direction="ASC"><i class="{{ constant('ICON_ARROW_UP') }}"></i></a><a href="#" class="sorting-down" data-field="first_name" data-direction="DESC"><i class="{{ constant('ICON_ARROW_DOWN') }}"></i></a></th>
                                <th class="sorting">{{ object.fields.last_name }}<a href="#" class="sorting-up" data-field="last_name" data-direction="ASC"><i class="{{ constant('ICON_ARROW_UP') }}"></i></a><a href="#" class="sorting-down" data-field="last_name" data-direction="DESC"><i class="{{ constant('ICON_ARROW_DOWN') }}"></i></a></th>
                                <th class="sorting">{{ object.fields.last_update }}<a href="#" class="sorting-up" data-field="last_update" data-direction="ASC"><i class="{{ constant('ICON_ARROW_UP') }}"></i></a><a href="#" class="sorting-down" data-field="last_update" data-direction="DESC"><i class="{{ constant('ICON_ARROW_DOWN') }}"></i></a></th>
                                <th>{{ constant('DISPLAY') }}</th>
                            {% if constant('ADMIN_ACTION_BUTTONS_POSITION') == 'right' %}
                                <th>{{ constant('ACTION_CONST') }}</th>
                            {% endif %}
                        {% for i in range(0, object.records_count - 1) %}
                                {% if constant('ADMIN_ACTION_BUTTONS_POSITION') == 'left' %}
                                <td class="has-btn-group no-ellipsis">
                                    <div class="btn-group">
                                        {% if[loop.index0] in object.authorized_update_pk %}
                                        <a href="{{ constant('ADMIN_URL') }}{{ object.item }}/edit/{{[loop.index0] }}" class="btn btn-sm btn-warning legitRipple" data-tooltip="{{ constant('EDIT') }}" data-delay="500"><span class="{{ constant('ICON_EDIT') }} icon-md"></span></a>
                                        {% endif %}
                                        {% if object.can_create == true %}
                                        <a href="{{ constant('ADMIN_URL') }}{{ object.item }}/delete/{{[loop.index0] }}" class="btn btn-sm btn-danger legitRipple" data-tooltip="{{ constant('DELETE_CONST') }}" data-delay="500"><span class="{{ constant('ICON_DELETE') }} icon-md"></span></a>
                                        {% endif %}
                                {% endif %}
                            <td>{{ object.actor_id[ loop.index0 ] }}</td>
                            <td>{{ object.first_name[ loop.index0 ] }}</td>
                            {% if[loop.index0] in object.authorized_update_pk %}
                            <span class="jedit-text tip" data-field="last_name" data-delay="500" title="{{ constant('CLICK_TO_EDIT') }}" id="actor-last_name-actor_id-{{[ loop.index0 ] }}">{{ object.last_name[ loop.index0 ] }}</span>
                            {% else %}
                                {{ object.last_name[ loop.index0 ] }}
                            {% endif %}
                            <td>{{ toDate(object.last_update[ loop.index0 ], 'dd MMMM yyyy H:m a')|raw }}</td>
                                {% if object.external_tables_count > 0 %}
                                {% for j in range(0, object.external_tables_count - 1) %}
                                <td class="no-ellipsis">
                                    {% if object.external_rows_count[i][j] > 0 %}
                                    <h6 class="card-title text-center text-nowrap mb-2"><span class="badge bg-gray-300 position-left">{{ object.external_rows_count[i][j] }}</span><a class="dropdown-toggle" data-bs-toggle="collapse" href="#{{ object.external_fields[i][j]['uniqid'] }}" role="button" aria-expanded="false" aria-controls="{{ object.external_fields[i][j]['uniqid'] }}"><small class="text-muted nowrap">{{ constant('SHOW') }} / {{ constant('HIDE') }}</small></a></h6>
                                    <div class="collapse" id="{{ object.external_fields[i][j]['uniqid'] }}">
                                    {{ object.external_add_btn[i][j]|raw }}
                                        <table class="table table-striped table-condensed">
                                            <thead class=" {{ constant('DEFAULT_TABLE_HEADING_BACKGROUND') }}">
                                                    {% for field, value in object.external_fields[i][j].fieldnames %}
                                                    <th>{{ value }}</th>
                                                    {% endfor %}

                                                {# Loop records #}

                                                {% for k in range(0, object.external_rows_count[i][j] - 1) %}

                                                    {# Loop fields #}

                                                    {% for field, value in object.external_fields[i][j].fields %}
                                                    <td>{{ object.external_fields[i][j].fields[field][k]|raw }}</td>
                                                    {% endfor %}
                                                {% endfor %}
                                    {% else %}
                                    {{ object.external_add_btn[i][j]|raw }}
                                    {% endif %}
                                {% endfor %}
                                {% endif %}
                                <td><a href="{{ constant('BASE_URL') }}" data-delay="500" data-tooltip="{{ constant('OPEN_URL') }}" target="_blank"><span class="{{ constant('ICON_NEW_TAB') }} text-center"></span></a></td>
                                {% if constant('ADMIN_ACTION_BUTTONS_POSITION') == 'right' %}
                                <td class="has-btn-group no-ellipsis">
                                    <div class="btn-group">
                                        {% if[loop.index0] in object.authorized_update_pk %}
                                        <a href="{{ constant('ADMIN_URL') }}{{ object.item }}/edit/{{[loop.index0] }}" class="btn btn-sm btn-warning legitRipple" data-tooltip="{{ constant('EDIT') }}" data-delay="500"><span class="{{ constant('ICON_EDIT') }} icon-md"></span></a>
                                        {% endif %}
                                        {% if object.can_create == true %}
                                        <a href="{{ constant('ADMIN_URL') }}{{ object.item }}/delete/{{[loop.index0] }}" class="btn btn-sm btn-danger legitRipple" data-tooltip="{{ constant('DELETE_CONST') }}" data-delay="500"><span class="{{ constant('ICON_DELETE') }} icon-md"></span></a>
                                    {% endif %}
                                {% endif %}
                            {% endfor %}
                </div> <!-- END table-responsive -->

                {% else %}
                <div class="card-body">
                    <p class="text-semibold">
                        {{ alert(constant('NO_RECORD_FOUND'), 'alert-info has-icon')|raw }}
                {% endif %}

                <div class="card-footer  {{ constant('DEFAULT_CARD_FOOTER_CLASS') }} p-4 mt-5">
                    {{ object.pagination_html|raw }}
            </div> <!-- END {{ object.item }}-list -->

            {% endblock object_list %}
            {# END Partial block - rendered alone on the research results #}

        </div> <!-- END card -->


Table Update form - PHP Form

The Form generated to edit records from the given table.

The form is built with PHP Form Builder

All the operations are made in the same file:

  • Protected by the users authentication & rights management module
  • Get records to prefill the form
  • Create and show the form, including all the plugins (select dropdowns, pickers, uploaders, ...)
  • PHP Validation
  • Update the database records or show the errors if wrong values are posted
use phpformbuilder\Form;
use phpformbuilder\Validator\Validator;
use phpformbuilder\database\DB;
use common\Utils;
use secure\Secure;

include_once ADMIN_DIR . 'secure/class/secure/Secure.php';

$debug_content = '';

/* =============================================
    validation if posted
============================================= */

if ($_SERVER["REQUEST_METHOD"] == "POST" && Form::testToken('form-edit-actor') === true) {
    $validator = Form::validate('form-edit-actor', FORMVALIDATION_PHP_LANG);
    if (isset($_POST['last_update_submit'])) {
    } else {

    // check for errors
    if ($validator->hasErrors()) {
        $_SESSION['errors']['form-edit-actor'] = $validator->getAllErrors();
    } else {
        require_once CLASS_DIR . 'phpformbuilder/database/db-connect.php';
        require_once CLASS_DIR . 'phpformbuilder/database/DB.php';
        $db = new DB(DEBUG);
        $values = array();
        $values['first_name'] = $_POST['first_name'];
        $values['last_name'] = $_POST['last_name'];
        $values['last_update'] = $_POST['last_update'];
        $where = $_SESSION['actor_editable_primary_keys'];

        // begin transaction

        try {
            // update actor
            if (DEMO !== true && !$db->update('actor', $values, $where, DEBUG_DB_QUERIES)) {
                $error = $db->error();
                throw new \Exception($error);
            } else {
                // get records from film_actor
                $film_actor_current_records   = array();

                // Array with film.film_id
                $film_actor_records_to_add    = array();

                // Array with film_actor.actor_id
                $film_actor_records_to_delete = array();

                $from = 'film_actor';
                $columns = array('film_id');
                $where = array('actor_id' => $_SESSION['actor_editable_primary_keys']['actor.actor_id']);

                $db->select($from, $columns, $where, array(), DEBUG_DB_QUERIES);

                $db_count = $db->rowCount();
                if (!empty($db_count)) {
                    while ($row = $db->fetch()) {
                        $film_actor_current_records[] = $row->film_id;

                foreach ($_POST['ext_film'] as $film_value) {
                    if (!in_array($film_value, $film_actor_current_records)) {
                        $film_actor_records_to_add[] = $film_value;

                foreach ($film_actor_current_records as $film_value) {
                    if (!in_array($film_value, $_POST['ext_film'])) {
                        $film_actor_records_to_delete[] = $film_value;

                // insert records in film_actor
                foreach ($film_actor_records_to_add as $value) {
                    $values = array();
                    $values['actor_id'] = $_SESSION['actor_editable_primary_keys']['actor.actor_id'];
                    $values['film_id'] = $value;
                    if (DEMO !== true && $db->insert('film_actor', $values, DEBUG_DB_QUERIES) === false) {
                        $error = $db->error();
                        throw new \Exception($error);

                // delete records from film_actor
                foreach ($film_actor_records_to_delete as $film_id_value) {
                    $where = array();
                    $where['actor_id'] = $_SESSION['actor_editable_primary_keys']['actor.actor_id'];
                    $where['film_id'] = $film_id_value;
                    if (DEMO !== true && !$db->delete('film_actor', $where, DEBUG_DB_QUERIES)) {
                        $error = $db->error();
                        throw new \Exception($error);

                // ALL OK
                if (!DEBUG_DB_QUERIES) {

                    $_SESSION['msg'] = Utils::alert(UPDATE_SUCCESS_MESSAGE, 'alert-success has-icon');

                    // reset form values

                    // redirect to list page
                    if (isset($_SESSION['active_list_url'])) {
                        header('Location:' . $_SESSION['active_list_url']);
                    } else {
                        header('Location:' . ADMIN_URL . 'actor');

                    // if we don't exit here, $_SESSION['msg'] will be unset
                } else {
                    $debug_content .= $db->getDebugContent();

                    $_SESSION['msg'] = Utils::alert(UPDATE_SUCCESS_MESSAGE . '<br>(' . DEBUG_DB_QUERIES_ENABLED . ')', 'alert-success has-icon');
        } catch (\Exception $e) {
            $msg_content = DB_ERROR;
            if (DEBUG) {
                $msg_content .= '<br>' . $e->getMessage() . '<br>' . $db->getLastSql();
            $_SESSION['msg'] = Utils::alert($msg_content, 'alert-danger has-icon');
    } // END else
} // END if POST

// register editable primary keys, which are NOT posted and will be the query update filter
// $params come from data-forms.php
// replace 'fieldname' with 'table.fieldname' to avoid ambigous query
$where_params = array_combine(
    array_map(function ($k) {
        return 'actor.' . $k;
    }, array_keys($params)),
$_SESSION['actor_editable_primary_keys'] = $where_params;

if (!isset($_SESSION['errors']['form-edit-actor']) || empty($_SESSION['errors']['form-edit-actor'])) { // If no error registered
    $from = 'actor';
    $columns = '*';

    $where = $_SESSION['actor_editable_primary_keys'];

    // if restricted rights
    if (ADMIN_LOCKED === true && Secure::canUpdateRestricted('actor')) {
        $where = array_merge($where, Secure::getRestrictionQuery('actor'));

    $db = new DB(DEBUG);

    $db->select($from, $columns, $where, array(), DEBUG_DB_QUERIES);
    if ($db->rowCount() < 1) {
        if (DEBUG) {
            exit($db->getLastSql() . ' : No Record Found');
        } else {
            exit('No Record Found');
        $debug_content .= $db->getDebugContent();
    $row = $db->fetch();
    $_SESSION['form-edit-actor']['actor_id'] = $row->actor_id;
    $_SESSION['form-edit-actor']['first_name'] = $row->first_name;
    $_SESSION['form-edit-actor']['last_name'] = $row->last_name;
    $_SESSION['form-edit-actor']['last_update'] = date('Y-m-d H:i');

$_SESSION['form-edit-actor']['ext_film'] = array();

$from = 'film_actor';
$columns = array('film_id');
$where = array('actor_id' => $_SESSION['actor_editable_primary_keys']['actor.actor_id']);

$db = new DB();
$db->select($from, $columns, $where, array(), DEBUG_DB_QUERIES);

    $debug_content .= $db->getDebugContent();

$db_count = $db->rowCount();
if (!empty($db_count)) {
    while ($row = $db->fetch()) {
        $_SESSION['form-edit-actor']['ext_film'][] = $row->film_id;

// $params come from data-forms.php
$pk_url_params = http_build_query($params, '', '/');

$form = new Form('form-edit-actor', 'horizontal', 'novalidate');
$form->setAction(ADMIN_URL . 'actor/edit/' . $pk_url_params);

// actor_id --

$form->setCols(2, 10);
$form->addInput('hidden', 'actor_id', '');

// first_name --

$form->setCols(2, 10);
$form->addInput('text', 'first_name', '', 'First Name', 'required');

// last_name --
$form->addInput('text', 'last_name', '', 'Last Name', 'required');

// last_update --
$form->addInput('hidden', 'last_update', date('Y-m-d H:i'));

// external relation: actor => film_actor => film;
$from = 'film';
$columns = 'title, film_id';
$where = false;
$extras = array(
    'select_distinct' => true

$db = new DB();
$db->select($from, $columns, $where, $extras, DEBUG_DB_QUERIES);

    $debug_content .= $db->getDebugContent();

$db_count = $db->rowCount();
if (!empty($db_count)) {
    $values = array();
    $display_values = array();
    while ($row = $db->fetch()) {
        $values[] = $row->film_id;
        $display_values[] = $row->title;
    for ($i=0; $i < $db_count; $i++) {
        $form->addOption('ext_film[]', $values[$i], $display_values[$i]);
    $form->addSelect('ext_film[]', 'Film', 'data-slimselect=true, multiple, data-close-on-select=false');
$form->addBtn('button', 'cancel', 0, '<i class="' . ICON_BACK . ' prepend"></i>' . CANCEL, 'class=btn btn-warning, data-ladda-button=true, data-style=zoom-in, onclick=history.go(-1)', 'btn-group');
$form->addBtn('submit', 'submit-btn', 1, SUBMIT . '<i class="' . ICON_CHECKMARK . ' append"></i>', 'class=btn btn-success, data-ladda-button=true, data-style=zoom-in', 'btn-group');
$form->setCols(0, 12);
$form->addPlugin('pretty-checkbox', '#form-edit-actor');
$form->addPlugin('formvalidation', '#form-edit-actor', 'default', array('language' => FORMVALIDATION_JAVASCRIPT_LANG));


Customization for advanced users

If your database structure changes along the way, PHPCG is able to rebuild the data and allows you to regenerate the corresponding CRUD pages.

When generating administration panel pages, PHPCRUD automatically keeps a backup of the previous version.

The file comparison tool integrated with the generator allows you to compare side by side your current version and the previous one and merge them by choosing the code blocks to be retained.

Administration customizations can thus be retained during version/structure changes.

Update instructions

Updates are automatic.

When a new version is released, you'll see the "New PHP CRUD GENERATOR version is available" message in /generator/generator.php and will just have to click the "Install" button.

Your version number is available in /conf/conf.php (VERSION)

Upgrading from 1.x to 2.x

The version 2 is a major update. It is therefore not possible to upgrade from version 1.

The solution is thus to install the version 2, then reconfigure your admin dashboard from there.

Languages/Translation (I18n)

PHP CRUD Generator and the generated Bootstrap admin panel are both fully multi-language.

To translate to your own language:

  1. Duplicate admin/i18n/en.php and rename it to your own language.
  2. Make the translations inside the file that you created (admin/i18n/[your-language].php)
  3. Open conf/user-conf.php and replace define('LANG', 'en'); with the filename you used previously.
  4. Check class/phpformbuilder/plugins/select2/dist/js/i18n/[your-language].js and create it if it doesn't exist.
  5. You're welcome to send us your translation. It'll be useful for other users.

PHP Form Builder

PHP Form Builder is included in the package, and you can use it without restriction on the same domain as your CRUD.

This means that you can build any form you want on your website/project and use the integrated plugins & functionalities.

To use PHP Form Builder in your project, create a PHP file where you want to add a form or open any existing php file, then add this code at the very beginning of it:

use phpformbuilder\Form;

include_once rtrim($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'], DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR) . '/conf/conf.php';
include_once CLASS_DIR . 'phpformbuilder/Form.php';

Then you can build your forms. Documentation is available on the official website:

Drag & drop Form Builder & Templates

The drag & drop Form Builder & the form templates are not included into the PHP CRUD Generator's package. This is not a restriction but simply because they're available online, and most users don't need it, thus reducing the weight of the PHPCG package.

If you want to download them they are available here:

Download the PHP Form Builder's
Drag and drop tool and form templates (zip - ~ 2.33Mo)

The ZIP file contains two directories: drag-n-drop-form-builder and templates

Drag & drop Form Builder

  • Put the drag-n-drop-form-builder directory inside the class folder, just beside the phpformbuilder folder.
    You can then open /class/drag-n-drop-form-builder/index.html in your browser and start building your forms.
  • When you get the forms codes generated by the drag & drop tool, don't forget to always add manually the CRUD Generator specific code (as explained above):
    use phpformbuilder\Form;
    include_once rtrim($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'], DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR) . '/conf/conf.php';
    include_once CLASS_DIR . 'phpformbuilder/Form.php';


  • Put the drag-n-drop-form-builder directory inside the class folder, just beside the phpformbuilder folder.
    You can then open /class/drag-n-drop-form-builder/index.html in your browser and start building your forms.
  • The templates directory can be anywhere on your server, no matter which folder it's in, the templates will work fine.

Sources & Credits

Many thanks to the authors for their great work


After any update, close & reopen your browser to clear PHP SESSION

version 2.3.6 (01/2023)

    New Features:
        - add a PHP Error Handler and Monitoring system with automatic email sending
        - add the PHP Error Handler and Monitoring configuration to the Generator's configuration tab
        - add the German translation
    Bug Fix:
        - fix the Material Datepicker plugin bug in admin forms
        - fix pickadate time picker reported bug:
        - fix file uploader image resizing ratios (previously not working properly in some specific cases)

version 2.3.5 (12/2023)

        - improve Spanish translations
    Bug Fix:
        - fix "|raw" apprearing in the list's tables headers"
        - fix quotes escaping in the forms help texts

version 2.3.4 (11/2023)

    Bug Fix:
        - fix a weird error with the error_log function call in DB class
        - fix error with the Spanish translation

version 2.3.3 (11/2023)

    New Features:
        - Add PHP Errors Monitoring with email sending. Available in the generator's configuration tab.
        - lint code with SonarLint + PHP 8.2, remove all php deprecated and warning messages
    Bug Fix:
        - fix a bug with "update" queries using the same fieldname in both values and where clause

version 2.3.2 (10/2023)

        - add SQL group_by clause in DB->select() '$extras' argument
        - ability to use HTML code for field titles
    Bug Fix:
        - the custom fieldnames are now properly displayed in the single records views
        - fix image field addons display in the generator forms
        - fix admin infinite loading bug in Firefox due to an internal Pace loader bug (

version 2.3.1 (04/2023)

    Bug Fix:
        - fix the file comparison tab not showing the tool
        - fix the broken date pickers translations

version 2.3 (03/2023)

        - fix wrong links & images in the documentation
        - database insert now returns the last insert id if supported by the db driver
    Bug Fix:
        - fix plugins_path in class/Form.php (PHP Form Builder) when the plugins folder URL is set with $form->setPluginsUrl()
        - repair the database getLastInsertId() function
        - remove PHP warning with Secure class when passing NULL to the constraint query
        - fix floating values that were converted to int with input[type="number"]
        - fix query error with empty filters
        - fix a warning in admin forms with some special restriction queries
        - fix error when sorting fields from relational tables
        - fix Deprecated error in class.fileuploader.php

version 2.2 (02/2023)

        - remove the search box in the Edit in place's boolean selects
    Bug Fix:
        - fix non-working Generator lock
        - fix error on cascade delete - please regenerate your delete forms if they use cascade deletion to get them working properly.

version 2.1 (01/2023)

        - authentication module installer will keep the multiselect opened when choosing the admin tables
        - update the wordcharcount plugin to set the default maxWords to -1 (= infinity)
    Bug Fix:
        - fix a wrong query in create/update forms on external tables
        - fix tinymce theme in class/phpformbuilder/plugins-config-custom/tinymce.xml

version 2.0.1 (01/2023)

        - enable of the auto-update system for the package's version 2
    Bug Fix:
        - fix filters inappropriate error message when the filter data contains null values

version 2.0 (01/2023)

    New Features:
        - switch from Mysqli to PDO with prepared queries
        - Oracle database support
        - PostgreSQL database support
        - Firebird database support
        - upgrade to Bootstrap 5
        - upgrade Bootswatch themes
        - add the SCSS source files to the package
        - rewrite the color palette and make use of the Bootstrap 5 color contrast utilities (.text-bg-xxx)
        - replace PHP Form Builder by the latest version
        - add 'Display the database errors' and 'Simulate and debug' options to the generator's general settings for easy database debugging.
        - add an option to the generator's general settings to display the data tables in the viewport with or without a vertical scrollbar.
        - highly improve the debugging system, which now can show all the queries (including Ajax requests), PDO parameters and performances using the 'Simulate and debug' option.
        - add the ability to set a custom CSS class for the filtered columns in the admin READ
        - auto-highlight filtered columns in the admin READ lists and remove the "Column number" setting in the generator "advanced filters" settings
        - the generator's advanced filters test tool now analyzes the queries and display an explicit error message when a field are missing from the query.
        - optimisation of the CRUD Generator forms and tools for more efficient loading
        - complete redesign of the generator and admin dashboard User Interface (UI)

version 1.29 (08/2022)

        - add an error message with a link to the documentation when a user opens a READ lists in the admin with the authentication module enabled and the table not registered inside it.
    Bug Fix:
        - fix an error with external fields multiple checkboxes

version 1.28 (07/2022)

    New Features:
        - Display of values from secondary relationships.
        E.g: address.city_id -> city.country_id ->
        PHPCG now can show the country name straight from the address READ list and forms.
        - Add capability to load the select options dynamically in Ajax from the database in the admin forms
        - add 'json' in database fields types
        - update and improve the file comparison tool
        - test Apache FollowSymLinks + admin 404 errors in the installer and return the appropriate help messages

version 1.27 (06/2022)

        - the installer will now show a clear message if the database connection is successful but no table is found, instead of showing a connection failure message.
    Bug Fix:
        - fix a missing translation in Italian
        - fix a missing parenthesis in generator/generator-templates/form-edit-template.php

version 1.26 (05/2022)

    Bug Fix:
        - fix a missing parenthesis in generator/generator-templates/form-create-template.php

version 1.25 (05/2022)

        - PHPCG will now preselect the current values in READ lists live-edit's select dropdowns
        - the Live edit in admin READ lists will now show the values of the relational table instead after editing
        - fix PHP warning with mysqli_free_result, boolean and null values & PHP 8.1
        - add a loading indicator when loading Live Edit forms from the READ lists
    Bug Fix:
        - set mysqli_report to MYSQLI_REPORT_OFF during the installation to make sure that mysqli_query will not throw a warning when a query fails (which is normal when we test if a table exist for instance, the query returns false);
        - fix all the errors in the generator with PHP8 and the count() function when some fields have been deleted from the database
        - fix broken queries due to a regex that didn't include table/field names with a number in admin/class/crud/ElementFilters
        - fix PHP Warning with Ajax filters in the admin dashboard
        - escape JSON values in Live edit select dropdowns

version 1.24 (02/2022)

        - add a warning to the installer if the install folder is not at the root of the project
        - add the same warning to the Quick Start Guide

version 1.23 (11/2021)

        - update the TWIG engine to 3.3.4
        - add a "Select" type in the READ list generator to prevent the CREATE/UPDATE form from reverting to "text" when rebuilding the READ list
        - add a message in the installer to warn users if their url has uppercase characters (uppercase are not valid and cause problems).
    Bug Fix:
        - replace a php arrow function call in ElementsFilters.php for php <7.4 compatibility

version 1.22 (10/2021)

        - load the Codecanyon package images in documentation/index.html from local assets instead of Cloudinary CDN, which was not authorized for external hostnames
    Bug Fix:
        - fix a sql error caused by Secure users rights (Secure::getRestrictionQuery() returning a single space instead of an empty value)
        - the Date Range filters now remove the NULL values to detect the minimum / maximum available dates for filter
        - fix filter error with invalid JSON values in database in latest MySQL versions
        - fix missing images in the documentation on users localhost.
        - fix the admin search engine for relational fields with 2 values

version 1.21 (08/2021)

    Bug Fix:
        - the PHP integer validator will now accept null values
        - In the generator - custom validation: removing a validator will now work as expected instead of always removing the last validation rule.

version 1.20 (07/2021)

    New Features:
        - Add a new option in the generator that allows to choose the target (intermediate or final table) of the add/edit/delete buttons for relational tables
    Bug Fix:
        - fix error in Material Datepicker months (error coming from the original plugin)
        - fix missing ACTION header in the admin lists when the action buttons are on the right and bulk check is disabled

version 1.19 (04/2021)

        - update the admin css to align the nested tables vertically on top
    Bug Fix:
        - fix broken boolean filters in the admin panel
        - fix php warnings in the generator with validation auto + INT fields + MySQL v8
        - restore the "add new" button for nested tables (external relations) in the admin dashboard READ lists
        - fix paginated search results urls in the admin dashboard
        - fix wrong links from READ lists nested tables to their edit/delete form if the nested table name contains underscores

version 1.18 (03/2021)

    New Features:
        - PHPCG now accepts PHP 8
        - choice of the name of the license table during the installation process
        - improve php version checking during the installation process
        - update the Tinymce responsive filemanager plugin to the latest version - only in the Codecanyon package, not in the auto-update to avoid breaking customized code from users.
        - improve code standards for PHP 8 compatibility
    Bug Fix:
        - fix issues with boolean values storage in the generator
        - remove PHP warning with Ajax filters loading
        - remove PHP warnings in the generator about missing relations
        - fix weird field types returned by MySQL, e.g., "smallint unsigned" instead of "smallint", which is the official valid field type

version 1.17 (03/2021)

        - quickly unreleased because of unexpected bugs

version 1.16 (02/2021)

    New Features:
    Bug Fix:
        - fix wrong behavior of the admin delete forms when no option or "no" is selected due to a previous update
        - solve assets urls issues in the main index.html and the documentation

version 1.15 (12/2020)

    New Features:
        - add a new 'html' field type in the generator to show the HTML content in the admin lists instead of HTML code when the fields contain HTML
        - auto enable textarea + tinyMce in the generator for HTML fields
        - add $mail->Sender in Form.php for PHPMailer to improve email deliverability
        - edit the Fileuploader PHP image upload script to crop the images AFTER resizing
        - (the original behavior that center-crops the original image is still available in the file code comments)
        - add a default empty value in the admin forms select, radio & checkbox when the field is not required
    Bug Fix:
        - validator now validates integers with leading zeros (PHP :: Bug #43372)
        - fix wrong ajax POST url in the admin search with paginated results
        - fix textarea custom heights in CREATE forms

version 1.14 (11/2020)

    New Features:
        - add field height option for textarea in the generator
        - Accept NULL date / time instead of registering the default '1970-01-01 00:00' timestamp in database
        - sanitize directory separator in class/Form.php to avoid wrong plugins url detection on server with inconsistent $_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'] and $_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME'] values
        - show tinymce and word char count in the generator only for textarea
    Bug Fix:
        - remove php warning when posting a delete form without choosing yes/no

version 1.13.3 (11/2020)

        - improve scrolling behavior in admin nested tables show / hide
    Bug Fix:
        - fix non-working nested tables show / hide due to the new OverlayScrollbars plugin

version 1.13.2 (11/2020)

    Bug Fix:
        - replace the deprecated admin table scrollbar plugin broken by the latest jQuery with the great new OverlayScrollbars plugin

version 1.13.1 (11/2020)

    New Features:
        - new tutorial to customize the admin Home page:
        - add documentation to update the Authentication Module with a simple SQL query instead of reinstalling from scratch:
    Bug Fix:
        - fix a bug in the General Settings Form due to the previous update

version 1.13 (11/2020)

    Bug Fix:
        - update jQuery to 3.5.1 due to a recent browser bug that prevented the generator forms to submit (nothing happened after clicking the submit button)

version 1.12 (11/2020)

    Bug Fix:
        - prefill the generator create/update form properly with TinyMce and character counter options & values
        - remove php warning when installing the authentication module
        - move the generator scripts to the <head> part to avoid jQuery not loaded error in some special circumstances
        - change the target table in READ lists nested tables EDIT buttons to the end relationnal table instead of intermediate
        - edit class/Utils/isValidTimeStamp function to return true with number entry as well as string

version 1.11 (09/2020)

        - trim $url in CrudTwigExtension::ifRemoteFileExists($url) - vendor/twig/twig/src/Extension/CrudTwigExtension.php
        - replace "url" property in object classes with "item_url" to avoid conflicts with database fields named "url"
    Bug Fix:
        - fix php Notice when building single record READ lists
        - add empty default value in create  / update forms for fields that get their values from a table when no record exist
        - fix the filtered columns overlay colored by colorColumns in the admin READ lists
        - fix wrong default dates / times in UPDATE forms with the pickadate & material date/time pickers hidden fields
        - fix date value with date pickers when a form is posted with errors
        - fix the index of the colored columns in READ lists when some filters are active with bulk delete enabled and admin action buttons are on the left

version 1.10 (06/2020)

        - add "open url button" link to the documentation in the generator
        - better date & time formats management with the material datepicker plugin
        (rebuild your create/update forms if you want to benefit from these changes)
    Bug Fix:
        - fix date and time custom formats with translations in the create / edit forms
        - add missing session_start() in ajax bulk delete forms

version 1.9 (06/2020)

    New Features:
        - add Bulk Delete capabilities to the admin dashboard's data lists
        - add date range picker filter to the generator filters options + the admin dashboard's data lists
        - add "Default field for search" option to the generator
        - improve the generator design consistency
        - improve root path detection for servers with inconsistent directory separators
        - collapse admin inactive sidebar categories on categorie click
    Bug Fix:
        - fix Ajax filter results when the result options use 2 field names

version 1.8 (05/2020)

        - add timezone to the generator general settings
        - update PHP Form Builder to the latest version (4.4)
        - upgrade Twig to Twig 3.0 and others vendor libraries for PHP 7.4.x compatibility
        - add php DOM extension test in the installer's server capabilities tests
        - add a clear error message with a link to the help center on root path detection failure
        - add a loading indicator to the auto-updater
    Bug Fix:
        - fix wrong urls in admin forms when moving the admin files from localhost to the production server
        - fix the missing relational values in the exported data
        - fix admin login failure after reinstalling the authentication module with changing the user table name
        - replace the double quotes with single quotes in the generator delete form template main query

version 1.7.7 (04/2020)

    Bug Fix:
        - fix stupid ROOT path error with subfolder installations due to the previous update

version 1.7.6 (04/2020)

        - add a server test file in the install folder to debug paths & urls
        - auto-apply ORDER BY changes from the generator to the admin panel without clearing PHP session
        - update ElementFilters to allow simple quotes in advanced filters
    Bug Fix:
        - fix ROOT path with server alias

version 1.7.5 (04/2020)

    New Features:
        - add an "Ajax loading" option in the generator READ Lists filters (default: false)
            Hint: Enable Ajax loading on all the tables that contain a lot of records
            This new option allows to load the filters options on demand and will GREATLY improve the loading speed
        - add ORDER BY in the generator READ List main settings
        - add website search to documentation, tutorials & help center
        - add default skin loader for each Bootstrap admin theme CSS in the general settings form
        - add the item name in the admin header h1
        - add a footer template for admin READ lists (admin/templates/footer.html)
        - cleaner generator design
        - add instructions to solve 404 errors on some servers (lightspeed) in the help center + admin/.htaccess
        - various minor optimizations
    Bug Fix:
        - fix Tinymce's Responsive file manager url
        - edit the cUrl test file in install/

version 1.7.4 (12/2019)

    New Features:
        - new setting available to choose to show search results in all on the same page or in a paginated list
        IMPORTANT: regenerate your READ lists from the generator if you want the paginated search results
                    or your paginated results will lead to 404 NOT FOUND
    Bug Fix:
        - fix nested table records in READ lists with only the primary key displayed
        - fix the "add new" button link (previously to 404) in READ lists nested tables with page > 1
        - the generator delete form now sets the correct stored options for external tables records

version 1.7.3 (12/2019)

    New Features:
        - add an "Advanced" section in the tutorials with a new "Date and Time formats management logic tutorial
    Bug Fix:
        - fix wrong date / time formats in admin READ lists for servers without PHP intl extension in some random cases depending on the chosen format
        - fix date / time format dropdown helpers in the generator

version 1.7.2 (11/2019)

        - add Czech translation
        - improve documentation
    Bug Fix:
        - fix PHP warnings with forms & array values
        - fix error in general settings form when no logo is registered
        - fix filters query with number values & MySQL 5.7+
        - fix error in the Italian translation
        - fix PHP warning caused by primary keys aliases in the admin READ lists external relations

version 1.7.1 (08/2019)

    Bug Fix:
        - Fix the Admin Dropdown Search field cross-browser compatibility
        (rebuild your lists to apply)

version 1.7 (08/2019)

    New Features:
        - New live search with Ajax Autocomplete for Bootstrap Admin Panel READ lists
        (rebuild your lists to apply)
        - Update Material Pickers for compatibility

version 1.6.1 (07/2019)

    New Features:
        - Admin filters now can deal with JSON array values (select multiple, checkboxes)
        - New PHP CRUD Generator Tutorials channel on Youtube
        - Array values from database now displayed as comma-separated values instead of raw JSON
        - improve the online Documentation & Tutorials
    Bug Fix:
        - Rewrite code to limit users rights to their own records
        (rebuild your lists / forms to apply)

version 1.6 (06/2019)

    New Features:
        - 20+ new Bootstrap themes are now available
        - Choose your preferred Bootstrap theme from the General Settings form
        - Customize all the main layout Bootstrap CSS classes from the General Settings form
        - Compile the SASS files with Gulp using the new PHP CRUD Generator Gulp Github repository
        - New tutorial for Admin Theming & CSS:
    Bug Fix:
        - Great, no known bug!

version 1.5.6 (06/2019)

        - The General Settings form in the generator now allows to change the Bootstrap admin main body class
    Bug Fix:
        - the installer was broken by the previous changes. Solved now.
        - Edit in place is no more available in Admin READ lists for users with insufficient rights
        - the broken "enable/disable" authentication module in the Generator now works again

version 1.5.5 (06/2019)

    New Features:
        - The date & Time pickers languages can now be defined in the General Settings form
        - You can now choose the style of the Bootstrap admin date & Time pickers
        (default | Material Design)
        - New Italian translation - Many thanks to Alberto

version 1.5.4 (06/2019)

    New Features:
        - New General Settings form available in the Generator
        - The action buttons of the Bootstrap Admin panel can now be on the left or right of the table
        - The filters of the Bootstrap Admin panel can now be triggered automatically when selected
        - You can change the site title and admin logo using the General Settings form
        - You can change the admin language using the General Settings form
        - You can change the admin skin using the General Settings form
        - Show custom table names in Admin READ lists nested tables
    Bug Fix:
        - The Validation button in the Generator should now never overlap the forms

version 1.5.3 (06/2019)

    New Features:
        - Action buttons in the admin panel can now be displayed in the
        1st column of the admin READ lists
        - Responsive & others in admin CSS
    Bug Fix:
        - datepicker plugin
        - files & images upload
        - tooltips
        (these bugs were due to the previous update with latest PHP Form Builder)

version 1.5.2 (05/2019)

    Bug Fix:
        - fix sorting buttons in admin panel READ lists

version 1.5.1 (05/2019)

    Bug Fix:
        - fix export to excel/csv in admin panel

version 1.5 (05/2019)

    New Features:
        - replace PHP Form Builder with the latest version 4.2.1
        - Admin Panel Fast Loading optimization with the new LoadJS features
        - PHP CRUD Fast Loading optimization with the new LoadJS features
        - rewrite queries for admin restricted users rights
        - upgrade Bootstrap to the latest version 4.3.1
        - minor various others improvements

version 1.4.9 (05/2019)

    New Features:
        - add new Export features (print - current view - all records) in admin READ lists

version 1.4.8 (02/2019)

    New Features:
        - add (very) strong protection for fileuploader plugin uploads
    Bug Fix:
        - remove some PHP warnings
        - solved admin sidebar duplicate items issue

version 1.4.7 (02/2019)

    Bug Fix:
        - fix navbar issue with empty icons

version 1.4.6 (02/2019)

    New Features:
        - New "array" field type in generator for checkboxes & select multiple values
        will show JSON decoded values in the READ lists
        - better admin navbar content management ("Organize Navbar")
        - improve array values management in the generator
    Bug Fix:
        - fix non-working select multiple with "set" & "enum" field types
        - fix changelog url in auto-update success message

version 1.4.5 (02/2019)

    New Features:
        - License system now accepts domain with multiple extensions
        e.g.,,, are all valid with the same license.
        - New button in the Generator to reload fresh database structure
        (When you add or remove tables)
    Bug Fix:
        - admin filters now accept zero values
        - fix queries in admin lists on external tables with direct relation (no intermediate table)

version 1.4.4 (02/2019)

    New Features:
        - external records from relational tables can now be managed
        from the READ LISTS & the CREATE/UPDATE forms (!)
        - add self-referential foreign keys management
        - tables can now be removed/re-enabled from the admin navbar
        - add Spanish admin translation (Thanks to Sergio)
        - export buttons (csv/xls[x]) now export the exact filtered list items
        - align single fields on the left in admin panels

    Bug Fix:
        - remove phone validation in auth. module installer
        - logout from generator/generator.php now does its job as intended
        - upgrade PHPMailer to latest 6.0.6 to fix PHP 7.3 warnings

version 1.4.3 (12/2018)

    Bug Fix:
        - fix inverted label & value in form CREATE/EDIT templates
        - protect relation tables SELECT queries in form CREATE/EDIT templates

version 1.4.2 (10/2018)

    New Features:
        - new "Add New" button in admin READ lists on external nested tables even if no record
        - ADMIN panel: register URL query parameters in $_GET (Altorouter ROUTES doesn't deal with these).
        - the ADMIN ADD & UPDATE forms now redirect to the correct list if we come from a nested table (external relation)
        - move date_default_timezone_set from conf/conf.php to conf/user-conf.php
        - add Help & instructions for Microsoft IIS & NGINX servers
    Bug Fix:
        - "Add New" button in admin READ lists now always targets the right CREATE form
        even if there's several external nested tables in the list.
        - Fix several warnings & minor issues

version 1.4.1 (10/2018)

    New Features:
        - add "Add New", "Edit" & "Delete" buttons in READ Lists nested tables for external tables records
        - add compatibility for date & time without PHP intl extension
    Bug Fix:
        - definitely fix the Apache mod_security error on the install process with some misconfigured servers

version 1.4 (10/2018)

Warning: If you admin READ lists have date or datetime fields, open the corresponding templates in /admin/templates, find the functions toDate(...) and replace the date PHP format with the corresponding ICU date format.

new online PHP CRUD Tutorials

    New Features:
        - PHPCG includes now the complete latest PHP Form Builder version with all its features & plugins.
        - Add the online knowledge base with numerous tutorials & videos
        - improve date & time translations management -
        - add full date & time translation in admin lists & forms
        - change admin form action from absolute url to root relative url
        - add install/curl-test.php to help with CURL debbuging
    Bug Fix:
        - the generator now retrieves the correct stored values to be displayed in READ lists for the external fields
        - get the correct time value in admin edit forms with datetime fields
        - solve plugins URL detection with paths containing uppercase letters

version 1.3.2 (08/2018)

        - dates edit in place now get the current field value
        - image now crop from the center
    Bug Fix:
        - fix missing fields in update forms due to previous update error
        - fix admin lists bug with fields having uppercase characters
        - fix admin edit in place with dates & uppercase table name

version 1.3.1 (08/2018)

    Bug Fix:
        - fix Generator form create profiles

version 1.3 (08/2018)

            - After this update you may have to reinstall the user authentication module from the Generator page.
        - update server-side validation functions to accept empty values,
                except for the validators whose internal logic make values required.
                Details available here:
        - the User Authentication Module now keeps the users & users profiles tables and records when uninstalling.
        - the User Authentication Module can now be reinstalled even if the users & users profiles table exist
        - improve user profiles management and rights limitations
        - the users rights changes now take effect without clearing the session
        - the admin sidebar doesn't show empty categories anymore
        - the only required fields in users table are now name, firstname, profile ID, email, pass & active
        (takes effect on new User Authentication Module installs only)
        - add simulate property to Generator.php to simulate when we reset a table structure from generator
        - remove several warnings & improve various feedback messages
    Bug Fix:
        - solve problem with updates & SSL errors on misconfigured servers

version 1.2.4 (07/2018)

            - After this update you may have to reinstall the user authentication module from the Generator page.
            - set default empty value for passwords in UPDATE FORMS
    Bug Fix:
            - solve CREATE/UPDATE forms generation with custom validation
            - solve READ LISTS generation with advanced filders
            - solve image path in admin when the field thumbs are not enabled
            - remove password validation in UPDATE FORMS if posted value is empty
            - correct select values count in generator CREATE/UPDATE forms with custom values
            - solve error 500 when adding new users

version 1.2.3 (07/2018)

    New Features:
            - add an uninstallation process
            - add a login module for the generator on the production server
            - primary key management in admin forms
            - remove the "select database" form in generator & auto select the correct database
            - add warnings for non-standard tables & field names (hyphenated)
            - improve password fields management in CREATE/UPDATE forms:
            better password encryption with Secure class
            password are now automatically optional on update forms with an helper text: "Leave blank to keep the current password"
            - turn fileuploader debug on for CREATE/UPDATE forms
            - improve documentation
            - improve auto-validation detection according to forms & database field types
    Bug Fix:
            - revert Twig template engine to version 1.35.4 to preserve PHP < 7.0 compatibility
            - regenerate css & js combined plugin files for CREATE/UPDATE forms when the forms are edited with the generator
            - fix generator which failed to validate when custom validators were selected while generating the CREATE/UPDATE forms
            - fix password encryption when changes are made in CREATE/UPDATE users table

version 1.2.2 (07/2018)

            - add user-conf file to avoid breaking user custom settings with updates
            - move the install folder outside the generator folder.
            - improve the updater script
            - improve url & path management
    Bug Fix:
            - fix server issues in some special configurations

version 1.2.1 (07/2018)

Warning: if your authentication module is not enabled, after the update open php-crud-generator/conf/admin-lock.php and set ADMIN_LOCKED to false.

            - move ADMIN_LOCKED and ADMIN_LOGO to separate files for easier updates
    Bug Fix:
            - fix several minor bugs

version 1.2 (06/2018)

    Bug Fix:
            - fix authentication module installation (wrong users filters)

version 1.1 (06/2018)

    New Features:
            - add File uploader to Generator + Admin panel
            - add version check & auto-updater
            - update dependencies & move to vendor with Composer
            - improve ROOT path analysis
    Bug Fix:
            - correct date & time validation
            - correct value/display inversion with live-edit custom select

version 1.0 (06/2018)

    First Release