PHP CRUD Tutorials
How to create your Bootstrap Admin Panel

Quick questions & answers

PHPCG uses Codecanyon's standard license. The conditions of use are the same as for all the tools you can buy on this platform.

You must therefore purchase a license for each of your projects..

1 project =

  • 1 domain name + unlimited subdomains
  • 2 simultaneous active installations: 1 for your localhost and the 2nd for your production server
  • You can uninstall / reinstall without any limitation. The only condition is that you can't have more than 2 simultaneous active installations

The purchase of a regular or extended license on Codecanyon authorizes the use and access to updates with no time limit.
Only the support must be renewed periodically if you want to keep benefiting of it.

PHP CRUD Generator is protected by a licensing system. Each copy must be registered. The data is saved in the project database, and the validity is checked periodically on the license server by the program.

The license registration/verification system is 100% reliable. You can therefore purchase and register an individual license for each of your customers with complete confidence.

The purchase of individual licenses allows you to benefit from the extremely advantageous price of the license sold on Codecanyon.

For web agencies:

PHP CRUD Generator is the ideal tool to offer your customers a professional and secure admin dashboard.

The purchase of extended licenses offers very advantageous sliding scale prices, details of which can be found here:

For any other request, please contact us.

Tips & tricks

To add custom Javascript to the admin forms:

  1. Create a Javascript file in admin/inc/forms/ with the same item name as in the form file.
    Warning: The item name is not always the table name: dashes and underscores in table names are removed.
    For instance: a table named "my-table" will be admin/inc/forms/mytable.js
  2. The JS file will be automatically loaded with the create/edit/delete forms.

PHPCG is able to manage tables containing a large number of records.
2 parameters are important and allow to optimize the loading of record lists:

  • Use the MySQL indexes

    This does not concern PHPCG, but directly the structure of your database.
    Add an index to each field that will be used regularly in your queries. The MySQL engine is faster and more efficient with indexed fields.

    To index your fields:

    • open your database manager (phpMyAdmin or other)
    • show the structure of your table
    • check the fields that you want to index
    • click the index button

  • Load the READ list filters with Ajax

    When you add some filters to your READ list, each filter builds a select dropdown that contains as many options as there are records.
    It's really not a good idea if your table has thousands of records.

    If you enable Ajax loading (from the generator Build READ list filter) the select will be loaded without any option available, but a search box. The available options will be loaded with Ajax when you fill the search box.

To move your installation from localhost to the production server:

  1. Upload the required folders from localhost to the production server
  2. Copy your database from localhost to the production server
  3. Clean up your installation and launch the installer on the production server

If you encounter 404 errors:

The Tinymce configuration is available in class/phpformbuilder/plugins-config-custom/tinymce.xml

It allows to add / remove tinymce plugins, customize the toolbars, etc.

The responsive filemanager config is available in class/phpformbuilder/plugins/filemanager/config/config.php

You have two ways to do this:

  1. The clean way: change the order of the columns in your database, then rebuild your list.
  2. The quick way: Edit the READ list template in admin/templates/, and reorder the table cells (<th></th> and <td></td>).
    If you regenerate your list after this kind of code customization you can use the File comparison tool to merge the newly generated file with the previous changes.