What is PHP CRUD Generator?

PHP CRUD Generator is an online application designed to create a complete admin panel for any website using a MySQL database.

The application is composed of 2 modules:

  1. The CRUD generator

    It allows you to:

    • Choose your options for each table and field in your database, then generate the pages of your CRUD admin interface (READ lists, CREATE forms, UPDATE forms, DELETE forms)
    • Install the authentication module of the admin panel
    • Create and organize the navigation menu of the admin panel
  2. The administration interface

    The administration interface is the end-user module, and is used to display and modify the content of your website (database).

    • Each user can have different rights depending on their profile, and has to login to enter the admin panel.
    • Each table is an entry in the side menu.
    • Lists and forms are created by the generator.
    • The user interface of the admin panel allows CRUD PHP operations to be performed

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