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Installation errors

Cannot connect to licensing server

You probably entered a wrong purchase code.

Script is already installed (or database not empty)

  1. open /generator/generator.php in your browser
  2. in the "Table" section, Choose a table & submit.

    1. if it shows the Build Read List & there's no error message, PHPCG is already installed properly, you can go on.
    2. else if you see the error "License is not installed yet or corrupted.", reinstall PHPCG.

Error - Not Acceptable!

Not Acceptable! You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version [...]

This error is generated by Apache mod_security

It means that your server Firewall (mod_security) is configured to block some requests for security reasons.

You have to allow the request manually, and the correct way to do this depends on your server itself.

A Google search may help.

If not, contact your server provider and ask for help. Give him the datetime you encountered the error and the url, it'll help him to help you.

Admin panel errors

Error 404 (Page Not Found)

There may be different causes:

  1. Cause
    You're trying to open a READ list or a form that you didn't create yet.
    open /generator/generator.php in your browser and generate the admin files.
  2. Apache server - Cause
    Your server is misconfigured & URL rewriting is not allowed.
    1. open your Apache configuration file (httpd.conf)
    2. find your project directory directives (<Directory "/var/www/html/phpcrud"></Directory>)
    3. change the AllowOverride directive to All (AllowOverride controls what directives may be placed in .htaccess files)
    4. restart Apache
  3. NGINX | Microsoft IIS server - Cause
    Your server doesn't use the .htaccess, so htaccess URL rewriting has no effect
    Add the rewriting rules in your configuration file

Contact us

We usually respond within a maximum of 24 hours

We'll often ask for an FTP access and/or your purchase code - if possible send them to us, we'll both save time.