How to uninstall/reinstall PHP CRUD Generator?

You can uninstall/reinstall PHPCG as many times as you want without any restriction.

Install PHPCG on a different location (change URL)

If you change PHPCG location (URL), you must first unregister your current installation, then register the new one.

  1. Delete install/install.lock to unlock th installer
  2. Open install/do-install.php in your browser.
    PHPCG will detect your installation and show the uninstaller.
    Enter your license code & click the "uninstall button

Once done, you can reinstall PHPCG at the same place or somewhere else.

Clean up your installation

If you need to reinstall PHPCG, for example because the installation failed before completion or you entered wrong data:

  1. Delete the user_data table from your database ("DROP TABLE user_data")
  2. Restore the original database connection file /class/phpformbuilder/database/db-connect.php from PHPCG package
  3. Delete install/install.lock to unlock th installer
  4. Open install/do-install.php in your browser to reinstall

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