How to install PHP CRUD Generator?

Upload PHPCG on your server, run the installer & follow the steps

Installation process

The installation of PHP CRUD Generator is done in a very few simple steps as shown in the instruction video above. Here is how to proceed:

  1. After having purchased PHP CRUD Generator and downloaded the ZIP file from the Codecanyon platform, unzip the ZIP file into your project directory. The structure of your project should look like the tree structure shown in the documentation.

    All the folders are required, except the documentation folder.

    If you are using PHP composer, rather than adding the contents of the PHP CRUD Generator's vendor directory to your own vendor directory it is advisable to install the required packages by adding them to your composer.json. Here are the packages required by PHPCG:

    // If yo use PHP Composer andu already have a "vender" folder
    // Add the following packages to your composer.json
    // Then run "composer update" from your command line tool.
        "require": {
            "twig/twig": "^3.4.1",
            "visualappeal/php-auto-update": "^1.0.1",
            "desarrolla2/cache": "^3.0.1",
            "jfcherng/php-diff": "^6.11"
  2. Open your web browser and go to the following URL: http[s]://[]/install/index.php to launch the installation.

    The program analyses your server settings and displays some informations if it detects missing PHP modules or others settings that should be reviewed before installation. If everything is ok you can click the Next button and go to the following step.

  3. You must choose at first the server type: Localhost or Production.
    If you're installing from a local server like MAMP, XAMPP or Easy PHP then choose Localhost.
    Production is for the remote server at your hosting company.

    Then enter the information about the database connection, your email address and purchase code, and click Next.

  4. The application will connect to your database. If you encounter a database connection failure warning with the error number 2002 it always means that the connect information that you entered in the previous step is wrong.
    Else you'll see a Database connection successful message.

    Enter the name of your project (it'll be displayed in the admin dashboard's header).
    Choose a logo, check wether if you want the installer to install the demo database or not, then validate.

  5. The installation is complete, you can open the Generator URL to start building your admin dashboard.


To install PHPCG on your server you must beforehand:

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