About PHP CRUD Generator License

PHP CRUD Generator is sold exclusively on Codecanyon under Envato's Regular / Extended License.

The Codecanyon Licenses terms are detailed at https://codecanyon.net/licenses/standard.

Here are the terms of use in a nutshell:

The Regular license

The purchase of a regular license allows the use of the CRUD Generator for a single project.
This project can be personal, or can be developed for one of your customers.

You will be allowed to install the CRUD Generator and the Admin Dashboard without limitation from the domain to which the license will be assigned, as well as from an unlimited number of sub-domains.

In order to allow use on both a development and a production server, a second hostname is enabled (localhost or any)

You can unregister your license at any time, for instance to transfer it to another domain of your choice.

The Extended license

The purchase of an extended license is equivalent to a group purchase of several regular licenses at a discounted rate.
In other words, this means that an extended licence is equivalent to 5 regular licences for the price of 4 for example.

The extended license allows you to save up to 50% of the price compared to the regular license.

The purchase of extended licenses is especially designed for web agencies, which will have the ability to offer professional, customized and scalable administration dashboards to their clients at a very low cost.

  • 1 extended license = 5 projects* (you save 20%)
  • 2 extended licenses = 12 projects* (you save 33%)
  • 3 extended licenses = 20 projects* (you save 40%)
  • 4 extended licenses = 32 projects* (you save 50%)

Term of validity and support

There is no time limit to the validity of the licenses. The purchase of a license allows you to use the CRUD Generator for lifetime.

The support is provided by the author for a renewable period of 6 months

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