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PHP CRUD Generator was first published in June 2018.

Its design is the result of several years of progressive and continuous development.

The first release the program is regularly being enhanced with new features according to the needs and feedbacks of its users.

The application is currently (in 2024) in production use on over 1200 projects of all sizes.
Here are some typical examples of use:

  • Management of a sports club (registrations, teachers, students, teams, results, etc.)
  • Online shopping website (catalogue, articles, customers, orders, etc.)
  • International Scientific Congress organization (ECOC 2021)
  • Content management of an artist's website (navigation, content pages, catalogue and works, mailing list, etc.)
  • Management of a music school (teachers, students, classrooms, lessons, events, exams, music catalogue, etc.)

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Reviews on Codecanyon (extract)

(95+ ratings)

for Code Quality

This script is pure magic, it's insanely brilliant! Kick-off your admin in seconds, finish it in no time. Coding the back office part of a site has always been one of the most boring tasks, for those not willing to use wordpress, or similar frameworks. I edited stuff directly in phpmyadmin countless times to avoid that. And when I did create an admin, I was just too lazy to create a proper design most of the time. This tool is of a HUGE help, and it's not only very well-done and straightforward, it's also perfectly documented. Kudos to the dev!
ps. on, this single project it took me a day to set up the entire admin while it would have probably taken me 2 weeks of work without it.

for Code Quality

The PHP CRUD Generator saved me many hours of programming work. I couldn't have programmed it better myself. The developer Gilles helped me with problems and questions at short notice and with my problems and questions at short notice. I can 100% recommend this software. Even with a complex database with relational tables and dependencies, my requirements could be easily implemented without programming. Thank you very much for the great support and this software.

for Code Quality

WOW - This is an AMAZING Program... I had a few question and Gilles answered me right away with great communication. He not only answered all of my questions, he fixed the issue I had right away and completely explained why I had the issue and how to avoid it in the future with my specific case - not a cut and paste answer - He was Awesome. Great Program and Author.

for Code Quality

I would love to select everything as a reason for my vote... PHPCG have saved me over 900 hours of programming in less than a year

for Code Quality

A very good piece of code, very visual and easy to understand. Many features are not found in other CRUDs for PHP and all from a very simple and fast page. Also, when I contacted the developer responded quickly and helped me solve my problem.

for Customer Support

Great PHP script, months and months of work saved. All you need to create a professional CRUD application. Best support ever.

for Feature Availability

Very easy to use and very helpful for anyone without programming code to make an app. But for someone with PHP coding can expand the features. Customer Support is good, always quick response. Good luck and keep working to develop.

for Code Quality

Excellent script, perfectly documented and fully functional. The author is very helpful and quick to reply. I asked for customizations that were made quickly, perfectly aligned with my requests and with a really small additional cost. Really satisfied. Recommended!


Ottimo script, perfettamente documentato e perfettamente funzionante. L'autore è molto diponibile e veloce nelle rispote. Ho chiesto delle personalizzazioni che mi sono state fatte velocemente, perfettamente allineate alle mie richieste e con un costo aggiuntivo davvero esiguo. Davvero soddisfatto. Consigliato!

for Code Quality

i think one of the best PHP crud scripts out there! great job

for Customer Support

Just one word: WOW!

The developer is always available to support you. Replies in one day or sometimes also in one hour. The code quality is great. I really suggest this software for creating a PHP CRUD platform with the today's best technologies.

for Code Quality

This is a fantastic product. It saved me hundreds of hours.
The support from Miglisoft is awesome, the best around.
Thank you for this product.

for Customer Support

The best support I have ever received for a software purchase, on CodeCanyon or elsewhere.

Both the CRUD and support are excellent. Highly recommended!

for Code Quality

This product is great for people trying to track anything like business etc... No programming language needed.

Can be fully understood by anyone. And the best part of it that it has great customer support!

Author is always online for the most part of the day and answers any question within 2-3 minutes. If something specific bothering you he even connects through teamviewer and happily helps you. You will not regret buying this product!

for Code Quality

Great system! The system is very powerful, the design is very beautiful and the stand is excellent.

The system still has a lot to grow and is sure to improve even more.

for Customizability

It's a very nice work, you can create crud and have authentication module without write code !

for Design Quality

The CRUD generator is an extremely powerful tool that creates full file maintenance. There is a lot of flexibility in the design of your edit, update and list pages. It is very easy to use and the screens look very professional. It is an excellent product that I would highly recommend.

for Flexibility

It's a shame you can't select multiple reasons. Take the time to get used to this tool and it will save you a ton of time building an admin panel. Even though the issues I came across were self induced Gilles was super responsive (within timezone constraints) and very helpful. Once I'd created my first admin panel this helped me realize some mistakes I'd made in building my database - that's an added bonus. Well worth the money!

for Customer Support

Gilles is always fixing bugs for this APP regardless of the (long) time needed to do so! He really wants to make a perfect working software, and that in itself is PRICELESS! You cannot go wrong with this CRUD, the price is tiny compared to the value given! Thanks Gilles!

for Customer Support

Software is awesome. It does everything what I need.Customer support is amazing. Thank you very much.I would highly recommend!

Reviews on Google (extract)

About the author

Author Rating on Codecanyon (375+ ratings)

My name is Gilles Migliori. I am french and I live near Paris.

As a web developer since 2005, I like to invest myself fully in each project, to discover a wide range of activities and structures and to work with my clients and partners.

As I see it, the job of a programmer does not simply consist in carrying out a project according to specifications, but rather in participating in its conception, understanding and analysing the needs, and participating in teamwork to bring possible proposals.

As web technologies and languages are constantly evolving, I am always on the lookout for new tools and frameworks, in order to choose the most suitable ones for the current project. I also attach great importance to the respect of programming standards, "good practices", security, accessibility and optimization (SEO and performance). This is why I only work with classic CMS such as Wordpress in exceptional cases.

I have also developed various programming tools, available as open-source on GitHub or for sale on the Codecanyon platform. The most popular ones are used and appreciated by many developers around the world.

For any request, please use the following form: https://www.miglisoft.com/#contact

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