How to view the MySQL query sent by an admin form?

The Bootstrap Admin Forms are built with PHP Form Builder. They are located in the admin/inc/forms/ folder.

How to view the MySQL query sent by an admin form?

PHP Form Builder is included in PHP CRUD Generator's package.
With all its functionnalities and plugins.

The MySQL queries sent to your database are built with PHP Form Builder's MySQL wrapper class.

Documentation and sample codes are available here on PHP Form Builder's website.

PHP Form Builder
PHP Form Builder

All the Admin forms are located in the same folder in admin/inc/forms/.

Each table uses 3 forms:

  • table-create.php
  • table-edit.php
  • table-delete.php

where "table" is the sanitized name of your table.

All the actions (database recordings) are done in the same files after validation.

There's 2 different cases:

  1. If your query fails
    (you see the ugly alert message Error while recording after posting the form)

    • In development mode (on localhost), you should already see the error details with the SQL query

    • In production mode (on production server)

      Find the following block in your form file:

      if (ENVIRONMENT == 'development') {
          $msg_content .= '<br>' . $e->getMessage() . '<br>' . $db->getLastSql();
      and replace == with !== Then post your form again and the SQL query will be shown.

  2. If your query is successful

    To show the MySQL query sent by a form you just have to add the following code to the form
    just after the code where the query is sent:

    echo $db->getLastSql();


To edit the Bootstrap Admin Forms you must beforehand:

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