Generate Bootstrap admin CREATE/UPDATE forms

Generate your Bootstrap Admin CREATE / UPDATE forms in a few clicks with PHPCG


PHPCG Smart Engine

You can see in this video tutorial that PHPCG has already done most of the work when you open the CREATE / UPDATE Forms Generator:

  • Primary key is auto-detected. It uses an hidden field & will be auto-incremented automatically when you add a record in the admin panel.
  • All the field types are set according to your database fields types. This works with ALL database fields types (INT, VARCHAR, TEXT, SET, DATE, DATETIME, ...etc)
  • The server-side validation has been setup according to the database fields & restrictions
  • The relationships allow to select the author in a dropdown list with first names + names, whereas the registered value is the author's id.

However, you can customize at will:

  • Change the field types
  • Change the select dropdown values, extracted from the database or fully customized
  • Choose your validation functions
  • Add Helpers
  • Add Tooltips
  • Group several fields on the same line
  • ...

PHPCG includes many other features that make it easier to manage your content not represented here:

  • advanced file uploader
  • image uploader, crop, resizing, thumbnail generation
  • password generator with appropriate validation
  • integrated jQuery plugins for improved UX

More informations available in the others tutorials & the documentation.


To generate your admin panel with PHPCG you must beforehand:

PHP CRUD tutorial main page