Build your queries with FlySpeed SQL Query

Flyspeed SQL Query is a software that allows you to create your SQL queries easily using a graphical user interface. It is published by Active Database Software and is free for personal use.

Flyspeed SQL Query can be very useful in general for building your SQL queries, and especially with PHP CRUD Generator to generate queries to filter your data lists.

It is very easy to use and can be started in a few minutes.

Install FlySpeed SQL Query and connect your database

  1. Download here: FlySpeed SQL Query Download page
  2. Open the installer & install the software on your system
  3. Open FlySpeed SQL Query and click the New Connection button:
    FlySpeed SQL Query New Connection
  4. Choose your database type in the Connection Wizard
    FlySpeed SQL Query Connection Wizard
  5. Enter your connection properties and choose the default database, then click next.
    FlySpeed SQL Query Connection properties
  6. Click next if you want to use only the default database, or select your databases from the list if you want to create a global connection.
    FlySpeed SQL Query Choose the default database
  7. Give your connection a name and click Finish to close the wizard and open your new connection.
    FlySpeed SQL Query Name your connection

Build your SQL queries with Flyspeed SQL Query's User Interface

Once you setup your connection you can see all your tables in the left column.

  1. Click the New Query button to open the query builder
    FlySpeed SQL Query Query Builder
  2. Drag-and-drop your tables from the left column to the main query builder and check the columns you want to use in your query.
    The SQL query is automatically generated in the main panel.

    The middle panel allows to add criteria, order and group your records.FlySpeed SQL Query Query Builder

You have seen that it is very easy to create your SQL queries with Flyspeed SQL Query.

These queries will be very useful for creating advanced filters in PHP CRUD Generator.

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