How to translate dates & times in admin panel?

PHP CRUD Generator uses 2 different language settings:
the PHP Locale and Datepicker plugin.

PHP Locale Language setting

PHP Locale Language is used in Admin Panel READ lists for date & time fields.

To change PHP Locale Language:

  1. Open /conf/user-conf.php
  2. Find the Locale::setDefault('EN-en'); function, and replace the value ("EN-en") with your own Locale language.

More informations about PHP Locale languages:

Datepicker plugin

The Datepicker plugin is used in:

  • Admin Panel READ lists with Edit in place date inputs
  • Admin Panel CREATE/UPDATE forms for date & time inputs

To change Datepicker plugin Language:

  1. Open /admin/inc/js-includes.php
  2. Uncomment the line which refers to pickadate/lib/compressed/translations/fr_FR.js, and replace the language file ("fr_FR.js") with the one you want.
    The language files are located in /class/phpformbuilder/plugins/pickadate/lib/compressed/translations/

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