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How to build a complete web admin dashboard
with CRUD operations in PHP from your MySQL database

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About PHP CRUD Generator
Easy CRUD PHP application

PHPCG is an easy intuitive web app developed using the most popular web technologies to create Bootstrap 4 powered dashboards with CRUD operations in PHP.

PHPCG is designed to build your Bootstrap Admin Dashboard with the help of a GUI.

The application can manage data from any MySQL database, regardless both the complexity of its structure and the volume of data.

20+ Bootstrap Admin Templates included

  • PHP CRUD Bootstrap 4 Dashboard default
  • PHP CRUD Bootstrap 4 Dashboard cosmo
  • PHP CRUD Bootstrap 4 Dashboard cyborg
  • PHP CRUD Bootstrap 4 Dashboard darkly
  • PHP CRUD Bootstrap 4 Dashboard flatly
  • PHP CRUD Bootstrap 4 Dashboard journal
  • PHP CRUD Bootstrap 4 Dashboard litera
  • PHP CRUD Bootstrap 4 Dashboard lumen
  • PHP CRUD Bootstrap 4 Dashboard lux
  • PHP CRUD Bootstrap 4 Dashboard materia
  • PHP CRUD Bootstrap 4 Dashboard minty
  • PHP CRUD Bootstrap 4 Dashboard pulse
  • PHP CRUD Bootstrap 4 Dashboard sandstone
  • PHP CRUD Bootstrap 4 Dashboard simplex
  • PHP CRUD Bootstrap 4 Dashboard sketchy
  • PHP CRUD Bootstrap 4 Dashboard slate
  • PHP CRUD Bootstrap 4 Dashboard solar
  • PHP CRUD Bootstrap 4 Dashboard spacelab
  • PHP CRUD Bootstrap 4 Dashboard superhero
  • PHP CRUD Bootstrap 4 Dashboard united
  • PHP CRUD Bootstrap 4 Dashboard yeti

Quick Access

Create your Bootstrap dashboard
with CRUD operations in PHP

PHPCG is built with pure PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap 4, and jQuery.

From an in-depth analysis of your database you create a complete PHP/MySQL application with CRUD functionality and advanced features using an intuitive interface.

The Content Management System that PHPCG generates allows you to manage the content of your database no matter the complexity of its structure.

You will use the best premium jQuery plugins available to make your changes according to the field you selected:

  • Rich Text Editors (tinyMce)
  • Date & Time Pickers
  • Advanced Uploader
  • Select Lists
  • Radios & Checkboxes
  • ...

The admin dashboard can be customized as desired: custom labels, nested tables, navigation with organized categories.

Does PHP CRUD Generator meet your needs?

You have a MySQL database

You run a MySQL database and want to be able to edit its content using an online php admin panel.

You're a programmer

PHPCG is conceived with the most popular languages and frameworks you probably already know.
It's conceived with a very clean and understandable code, and generates your admin panel the same way.

The code is accessible, very well organized and documented.
If you use object-oriented PHP programming, Bootstrap, jQuery, you will be able to easily customize your admin panel according to your needs.

The documentation and the numerous tutorials available will help you find your bearings and take the tool in hand.

Here you will find representative samples of generated code for the lists and forms of the admin panel:
Code samples

You want to quickly build your admin panel to manage your MySQL database with no hassle

The CRUD Generator is a one-page interface, its smart engine understands your MySQL database structure and relations.

Thus, all you have to do is open the generator, choose your tables and validate the creation of lists and forms.
PHPCG will do all the work for you, create the necessary validation functions according to your tables and data.

You will be able to access the admin panel and manage your CRUD operations in PHP within just a few minutes.

You need to create profiles for different administrators with different rights for each

You work with a team and need to manage admin rights? Here are some use cases:

  • You need an application that can be accessed by different administrators and to manage different profiles:
    some data will be accessible to all, others not.
    Depending on their profile, some administrators will be allowed to modify certain data, others not
  • Administrators should only have access to their own clients' data, or to their own data.

Your MySQL database contains many tables and many records

Some tables contain tens of thousands of records, you need to be able to browse, filter or search through them

In all these situations PHPCG is perfect for you and will be able to meet your needs.


The online demo provides access to both parts of the application:

This will help you get to know the tool before you make your choice.

Easy CRUD application in PHP

Unlike most other CRUD PHP applications, with PHPCG you won't have to program the elements of your website admin panel.

The graphical user interface (GUI) is both a code generator and a templating engine. It creates all CRUD operations in PHP without having to code them.

The admin panel content is based on clean responsive Bootstrap HTML templates

Each admin theme & template is fully responsive. The available themes are customizable open source themes from Bootswatch

In-depth DB analysis

PHPCG provides an engine capable of an in-depth analysis of your MySQL database. Its smart engine understands the logic of your application.

Simply create your database with phpMyAdmin and setup your connection.

The PHP/MySQL program extracts the database structure and data in a relevant way:

  • database relationships
  • field type analysis
  • validation criteria
  • primary key detection
  • foreign keys detection

One-page Application

  1. 1Create a database
  2. 2Open PHP CRUD Generator
  3. 3Select the database table that you want to add to your Admin Dashboard
  4. 4
    • Generate the corresponding data table (READ)
    • Generate the insert record/update record forms (CREATE/UPDATE)
    • Generate the deletion form (DELETE)
  5. 5Open your Bootstrap 4 admin dashboard - your application is ready to use

Simple but powerful configuration tools:

  • PHPCG is built with Bootstrap 4 & jQuery
  • Generation of data filters
  • Handling of nested tables (foreign keys)
  • Choice of validation functions
  • Client-side (Javascript) + server-side (PHP) form validation
  • Generation and display of images and thumbnails
  • Use the very best jQuery plugins for enhanced admin forms (pickers, file uploader, rich text editor, ...)
  • Generation of help texts and tooltips for the end-user
  • JSON format for data storage
  • User management
  • User profiles and rights management
  • Authentication module
  • Bootstrap admin templates
  • Bootstrap admin themes
  • Bootstrap admin theme switcher
  • Premium jQuery plugins
  • Etc. (non-exhaustive list)

The online demo allows you to test the PHP CRUD system.

The various components of the customer admin panel are generated or edited in real time during the validation of each form. You can therefore access the client dashboard at any time and test its features.

Features Highlights

One-page interface

Fill-in each form to setup and generate your Bootstrap admin panel - The process is very simple, but nevertheless very powerful

Intelligent MySQL database analysis

Intelligent relationship management between tables and fields - PHPCG is able to recognize and configure your database structure and fields instantly.

Strong UX design

The client admin panel is built with Bootstrap 4. It includes the best jQuery plugins and advanced features to facilitate and enhance its use: searchable lists, file & images uploader, pickers, ...

Fully Multilingual

The Generator includes a single i18n translation file - The admin panel can use any custom language.

Authentication Module

PHPCG is provided with a complete user and profile management module. Each profile allows you to associate the user's rights (read/create/update/delete) one by one for each MySQL table

Highly reliable coding

The main system uses MVC model with a single config file, a basic router, PHP class, optimized SQL queries, advanced SQL join queries, PHP forms built with PHP Form Builder (HTML form builder for Bootstrap) & HTML TWIG Template engine

Full Features


  • One-page PHP CRUD GUI
  • Easy Bootstrap Dashboard Builder
  • 20+ Bootstrap Admin Themes included
  • Customizable CSS with SASS & Gulp
  • PHP CRUD for Bootstrap with all CRUD operations (create/read/update/delete)
  • Based on advanced comprehensive forms


  • Intelligent database analysis
  • Primary key and secondary keys detection
  • Auto increment fields management
  • Detection of the existing relationships between each table (one-to-one & one-to-many)
  • Protected SQL statements
  • Smart field analysis method
  • Detection of validation types


  • Automatic backup of the generated Bootstrap admin files
  • Comparison and merging of generated pages with their previous saved version


  • Choice of fields displayed in the list
  • Choice of field names displayed in the list
  • Creation of basic or advanced filters
  • Choice of orderable columns
  • Ability to toggle fields in a nested table ("+" button)
  • Values edition in place
  • Selection of linked table fields to display
  • View images and thumbnails
  • Date and time format selection
  • Display of external fields in nested tables
  • Edit relational entries straight from the parent list
  • Export records in XLSX/CSV format
  • Print active records / all records
  • Links from recordings to their page on the public site
  • Single-record lists
  • Results per page
  • Pagination


  • Built with PHP Form Builder
  • Relationship management between tables with the choice of fields to display
  • Drop-down lists and available values management (automatic/customized)
  • Help texts and tooltips
  • Client-side and server-side validation
  • Automatic and custom field validation choices
  • Rich Text Editor (TinyMce)
  • File upload with awesome advanced features
  • Image upload with resizing & thumbnails generation
  • Date & Time pickers with display and recording format choice
  • All the special fields with plugins (text editors, date and time pickers, file and image uploaders, ...) can be configured within a few seconds
  • Customizable layout


  • Built with PHP Form Builder
  • Possibility to cascade delete according to database relationships using SQL transactions
  • Warning display for cascaded deleted records:
    • Shows each relational table's record count
    • The administrator has to confirm before deleting a record


  • Add/Edit/Delete users
  • Unlimited Users Profiles
  • Table-based rights management:
    • Read all records
    • Create/update all records
    • Delete all records
    • Read only its own records
    • Create/update only its own records
    • Delete only its own records


  • Togglable Authentication Module
  • Advanced reliable password Encryption in PHP


  • Clean and comprehensive structure
  • MVC Logic without PHP Framework dependency:
    • Pure PHP script based on OOP
    • PHP Classes (including PHP Form Builder)
    • HTML TWIG Templates
    • Alto Router
  • Client Side:
    • Bootstrap 4
    • Bootstrap 4 Admin Templates
    • jQuery


  • Choice of the admin navbar layout
  • Categorizing navbar Items
  • Enable or disable navbar Items
  • Icon selection


  • Single translation file


Why PHPCG is definitely
The best PHP CRUD Framework to create your Bootstrap Dashboard

PHP CRUD Generator is a premium PHP CRUD Framework both highly complete and easy to use.

The database tables and PHP forms in the Bootstrap admin panel use the relevant fields and values automatically: texts, numbers, Boolean, html content, dates and times, images and files, data sets, etc.

Post your form to add, update or delete a record from your database securely - the POST data is validated and secured by the system before any table update.

It's a one-page web based PHP app. with a graphical user interface.

The program performs a complete analysis of your database, and accomplishes 99% of the work for you.
You do not need to program the CRUD operations.

The whole project - including the CRUD System and the admin templates - is built with the most popular and universal web technologies: PHP classes, PHP objects, SQL, Bootstrap css + font awesome, jQuery, JSON storage and full Responsive design

The PHP code is structured, well-organized and easy to understand for PHP object coders. It generates clean valid HTML.

Support and reliabilty are 100% guaranteed

The CRUD PHP engine and the Bootstrap dashboard are designed with the best technologies whose robustness is well proven:

PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap 4, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, jQuery, TWIG HTML.

Documentation and tutorials are available online.
No known bugs at this time.
Automatic updates with a 1-click update button.

Users reviews

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Reviews on Codecanyon

for Code Quality

I would love to select everything as a reason for my vote... PHPCG have saved me over 900 hours of programming in less than a year

for Code Quality

A very good piece of code, very visual and easy to understand. Many features are not found in other CRUDs for PHP and all from a very simple and fast page. Also, when I contacted the developer responded quickly and helped me solve my problem.

for Customer Support

Great PHP script, months and months of work saved. All you need to create a professional CRUD application. Best support ever.

for Feature Availability

Very easy to use and very helpful for anyone without programming code to make an app. But for someone with php coding can expand the features. Customer Support is good, always quick response. Good luck and keep working to develop.

for Code Quality

Excellent script, perfectly documented and fully functional. The author is very helpful and quick to reply. I asked for customizations that were made quickly, perfectly aligned with my requests and with a really small additional cost. Really satisfied. Recommended!


Ottimo script, perfettamente documentato e perfettamente funzionante. L'autore è molto diponibile e veloce nelle rispote. Ho chiesto delle personalizzazioni che mi sono state fatte velocemente, perfettamente allineate alle mie richieste e con un costo aggiuntivo davvero esiguo. Davvero soddisfatto. Consigliato!

for Code Quality

i think one of the best php crud scripts out there! great job

for Customer Support

Just one word: WOW!

The developer is always available to support you. Replies in one day or sometimes also in one hour. The code quality is great. I really suggest this software for creating a PHP CRUD platform with the today's best technologies.

for Code Quality

This is a fantastic product. It saved me hundreds of hours.
The support from Miglisoft is awesome, the best around.
Thank you for this product.

for Customer Support

The best support I have ever received for a software purchase, on CodeCanyon or elsewhere.

Both the CRUD and support are excellent. Highly recommended!

for Code Quality

This product is great for people trying to track anything like business etc... No programming language needed.

Can be fully understood by anyone. And the best part of it that it has great customer support!

Author is always online for the most part of the day and answers any question within 2-3 minutes. If something specific bothering you he even connects through teamviewer and happily helps you. You will not regret buying this product!

for Code Quality

Great system! The system is very powerful, the design is very beautiful and the stand is excellent.

The system still has a lot to grow and is sure to improve even more.

for Customizability

It's a very nice work, you can create crud and have authentication module without write code !

for Design Quality

The CRUD generator is an extremely powerful tool that creates full file maintenance. There is a lot of flexibility in the design of your edit, update and list pages. It is very easy to use and the screens look very professional. It is an excellent product that I would highly recommend.

for Flexibility

It's a shame you can't select multiple reasons. Take the time to get used to this tool and it will save you a ton of time building an admin panel. Even though the issues I came across were self induced Gilles was super responsive (within timezone constraints) and very helpful. Once I'd created my first admin panel this helped me realize some mistakes I'd made in building my database - that's an added bonus. Well worth the money!

for Customer Support

Gilles is always fixing bugs for this APP regardless of the (long) time needed to do so! He really wants to make a perfect working software, and that in itself is PRICELESS! You cannot go wrong with this CRUD, the price is tiny compared to the value given! Thanks Gilles!

for Customer Support

Software is awesome. It does everything what I need.Customer support is amazing. Thank you very much.I would highly recommend!

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