Generate admin single record READ list
PHP CRUD Tutorial

A Single Record REAd list will show the complete data of a single record in your dashboard instead of a list of records

What can a Single Record REAd list be used for?

A database sometimes uses a table that will only contain a single record, which cannot be deleted. The most common example is a configuration table, or user settings.

In this case it is more appropriate to display all preferences in the admin panel on a single page.

You can do this very easily with PHPCG:

  1. Open the CRUD Generator in your browser
  2. Choose your table in the dropdown list
    Choose your table to build CRUD operations
  3. Check the "Single Record List" radio button
    Single Record List radio button
  4. Choose your options for each field then submit the form
  5. Your list is ready, you can see it in the admin panel.

It's often a good idea to enable the Edit In Place option for all the fields.

This way you won't have to implement the update form, the end-users will be able to edit the record directly from the List page.


To build a Single Record REAd list with PHPCG you must beforehand:

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